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food and beverage service questions and answers pdf

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Food and Beverage (F&B) Manager interview questions

Showing that you understand the job. From baristas to head waiters, bartender etc. It is a win-win situation. I love everything…if it is about Hospitality. Hospitality offers a job that changes all the time. It is a fast-paced environment where you are doing varied tasks each day.

You are on your feet and moving around a lot which helps you think, feel, and react better. A cocktail is an alcoholic mixed drink, which is either a combination of spirits, or one or more spirits mixed with other ingredients such as fruit juice, flavoured syrup, or cream.

There are various types of cocktails, based on the number and kind of ingredients added. Single malt Scotch is single malt whisky made in Scotland. To be a single malt scotch the whisky must have been distilled at a single distillery using a pot still distillation process and made from a mash of malted barley.

As with any Scotch whisky, a single malt Scotch must be distilled in Scotland and matured in oak casks in Scotland for at least three years and one day. Most single malts are matured longer. Several types of grains can be malted for example, barley, rye and wheat are all grains which can be malted ; however, in the case of single malt Scotch, barley is the only grain used.

Grain whisky is whisky that is not made from malted barley, mainly from Scotland and Ireland. It can contain any type of grain, also a mixture. Today grain whiskies mostly contain wheat, since it offers a higher utilisation level than corn, which was used in earlier times for cost reasons.

Grain whisky can be distilled higher than malt whisky in column stills, but it contains fewer flavours. Blended Whisky can contain any mixture of different whiskies malt, grain. These whiskies differ in type, but especially in their origin, i.

The character of a blended whisky is determined by the ratio of whiskies from different distilleries since each distillery produces different flavours. All Champagne is a sparkling wine, but not all sparkling wine is Champagne. There are several types of sparkling wine. The most common: Champagne, prosecco, cava, and sparkling wine from the United States. Champagne can only be called Champagne if it comes from the Champagne region in northern France.

Mocktail - is a non-alcoholic drink, its a mixer of fruit juices and soft drinks. Cocktail - is an alcoholic drink consisting of spirits mixed with other ingredients, such as fruit juice, mint and cream. This type of whisky used to be produced mainly in the United States, and still today in Canada.

Today there are only a few rye whiskeys in the US since its very spicy taste is not so popular anymore. Canadian rye whisky is an important ingredient of Canadian blended whiskies.

Read more about the classification of beverage. Liquor - also known as spirits is an alcoholic beverage made of grains or other plants that are fermented into a potent drink. Liqueur - Technically, liqueurs are liquor because they are distilled spirits. The general difference is that liqueurs are sweetened spirits with various flavours, oils, and extracts added; rum, whiskey, brandy, and other liquors can serve as a base spirit for liqueurs. Examples of Non-alcoholic beverages are aerated waters, mineral water, juices, squashes, syrups, tonic, soda, Pepsi, Coke, root beer etc.

Tea can be divided into six basic categories: black, dark including puer , oolong, yellow, green, and white. The major differences between beer and whiskey are the percentage of alcohol, price, colour, taste and appearance.

There is also a difference in their bottles, carbonation, corks and labels. American whiskey is a distilled beverage produced in the United States from a fermented mash of cereal grain. The primary types of spirit included under this designation are bourbon whiskey, rye whiskey, rye malt whiskey, malt whiskey, wheat whiskey, Tennessee whiskey, and corn whiskey. Irish whiskey is whiskey made on the island of Ireland.

The phrase was a translation of the Latin term aqua vitae, which was commonly used to describe distilled spirits during the Middle Ages. Public Bar - Often know simply as bars or lounges 2. Service Bars - at which bartender prepare drinks only for servers who then take the drinks to guest. The difference is an elaborate sterling silverware is used for the food and beverage service. Due to the fact that silver cutlery and crockery are expensive, EPNS Electroplated Nickel Silver service ware is used most commonly in hotels and restaurants.

The banquet coordinator prepares and distribute the same in advance for the coming week and also discussed during the morning HOD meetings. Tableware is the dishes or dishware used for setting a table, serving food and dining. It includes cutlery, glassware, serving dishes and other useful items for practical as well as decorative purposes.

A buffet is a system of serving meals in which food is placed in a public area where the diners serve themselves. Cocktails are made by mixing of Alcoholic Drinks and other Soft Beverages or ingredients or flavouring agents.

Menu Development focuses primarily on the dish selection and design of a menu. Lager - is a type of beer conditioned at low temperatures. Pale lager is the most widely consumed and commercially available style of beer. Ale - is a type of beer brewed using a warm fermentation method, resulting in a sweet, full-bodied and fruity taste.

Historically, the term referred to a drink brewed without hops. As with most beers, ale typically has a bittering agent to balance the malt and act as a preservative. Ale was originally bittered with gruit, a mixture of herbs or spices boiled in the wort before fermentation.

Later, hops replaced gruit as the bittering agent. Suggestive Selling - A Technique by which servers can increase guest satisfaction and sales by encouraging guests to order such extras as appetisers, cocktails, wine, dessert etc. The average amount of time that a table is occupied.

For example, if two separate parties are seated at the same table within a 60 min period, the table turn rate is 30 minutes per hour. A Brand of liquor a restaurant carries for use when guests order cocktail without specifying the use of any particular brand. A set menu is a menu with a specific set of meals to choose from. The price charged for each meal is the same. A Menu that offers and prices each food item on an individual basis.

Guests may select from a variety of different salads, entrees, vegetable, desserts, and beverages. All items are individually priced. A popular and quick method for polishing silver is the use of chemical dips.

Dips work by dissolving the tarnished surface of the silver at a highly accelerated rate. Many dips are made of acids and other agents. A hot plate is a portable self-contained tabletop small appliance cooktop that features one, two or more electric heating elements or gas burners.

A hot plate can be used as a stand-alone appliance but is often used as a substitute for one of the burners from an oven range or a kitchen stove. The sequence of service is referred to as the order in which a waiter provides service to guests from the time the guest enters the restaurant to the time he leaves the restaurant.

Read More about the Restaurant Guest Cycle. The prepared food is kept at the food counter and the guest needs to help themselves with serving. Counter service assistants serve food to customers from a counter or bar rather than providing table service. Table Service - In this type of service, the guests enter the dining area and take seats.

The waiter offers them water and menu card. The guests then place their order to the waiter. The table is covered in this service. It is grouped into the following types English or Family Service and American service. English or Family Service - Here, the host contributes actively to the service. The waiter brings food on platters, shows to the host for approval, and then places the platters on the tables. The host either makes food portions and serves the guests or allows the waiter to serve.

This is a common family service in speciality restaurants where customers spend more time on-premise. The accompaniments served with the food, the colour, and the presentation is determined in the kitchen.

The food plates are then brought to the guest. This service is commonly used in a coffee shop where service is required to be fast. The final bill which is presented to the guest which contain the details or items ordered, quantity and total bill value along with any applicable taxes and service charge. A technique by which servers can increase sales by suggesting more expensive items than those that the guest first mentioned. A table service in which servers carry platters of fully booked food to the dining room and present them to guests for a[[roval.

Servers then set hot plates in front of each guest and place food from the platters onto the plates. Read More about different types of food and beverage service. Side Station is a service stand in the dining area that holds service equipment. Read more about List of service equipment. A physical inventory requires that all items in storage be counted periodically.

To be an effective control, physical inventory should be taken at least monthly. The inventory records are kept in a spreadsheet or in another system reserved for that purpose.

Food and Beverage Test

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Questions And Answers Other editions. Error rating book.

The best answer to this If you're preparing for a customer service job interview, it can be helpful to review frequently asked questions and answers ahead of time so you have some idea of what to expect. Some of them heavily. If you have never had a job before, you should be honest. The fact is you may have several accomplishments you could pick from. Managers, clients, and employees—all of them have different expectations. Think about What would you do?

From an industry perspective, two basic types of foodservice operations are commercial and noncommercial. Played 0 times. Print Share Edit Delete Report an issue. Live Game Live. Finish Editing. This quiz is incomplete!

The answer you tick will show your knowledge of the subject rather than your ability to write an account of it. Note: The Correct answers to each.

Questions And Answers On Food And Beverage Service

Are you in search of Waiter jobs? Then we have provided all the basic level of ideas to crack the waiter job. Wisdomjobs will provide you with the Waiter Interview Question and Answers on the site page.

Every employer should know how each staff member is best motivated.

Top 32 F&B interview questions and answers pdf

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Questions And Answers Other editions. Error rating book.

Showing that you understand the job. From baristas to head waiters, bartender etc. It is a win-win situation. I love everything…if it is about Hospitality. Hospitality offers a job that changes all the time. It is a fast-paced environment where you are doing varied tasks each day. You are on your feet and moving around a lot which helps you think, feel, and react better.

Get high school and primary school exams with marking schemes. Institution: Kenyatta University question papers. Answer any four questions from Section B. Explain the following terms: a Cocktail b Cover c Crumbing down d Adjusting the cover. As a wine waiter, describe how you would ensure that glasses are sparkling clean. Explain how a duplicate billing system works.

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Waiter Interview Questions & Answers

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Top 32 F&B interview questions and answers pdf

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Questions And Answers On Food And Beverage Service

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