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Writing and Difference is one of Jacques Derrida's most widely read and studied books. In a collection of essays that engage with literature, history, poetry, dramaturgy, psychoanalysis, ethnology and structuralism, Derrida demonstrates how philosophy and literature might be read, and revolutionizes our understanding of writing, difference and life itself. This introduction is the ideal companion to an unprecedented and influential group of texts.

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Access options available:. The remaining chapters, even the final one, are devoted to summaries of various superior and inferior works, and to discussions sometimes relevant to his point about proper balance in the best writings only. No systematic conclusions are duly worked out anywhere. Two quite different ideas of reconciliation-and-creative-tension seem to be conflated. One is philosophical, as promised, but we only find it at all clearly and appropriately pursued with regard to a few personal leanings at the end of the chapter on Lord Jim pp. Gekoski's second idea is not philosophical but "purely" literary: in Conrad's most moving and best crafted writings he seeks to describe situations of human beings in ways which are profound, but apparently opposed.

Derrida's 'Writing and Difference'

The work, which collects some of the early lectures and essays that established his fame, was published in alongside Of Grammatology and Speech and Phenomena. He honors Levinas for his ethical philosophy of openness to the Other. Indeed, he goes along with the idea that to live for the Other is the highest good. But he challenges the idea that only face-to-face interaction can be ethical. Whereas Levinas sees written communication as dead and unresponsive, Derrida argues that writing can be just as valuable a space for ethical encounter. By showing, for example, that writing can assist itself, for it has time and freedom, escaping better than speech from empirical urgencies.

Derrida, Jacques. Writing and difference. Translation of L'ecriture et la difference. Includes bibliographical references. 1. Philosophy-Addresses, essays, lectures.

Philosophy and Literature

We have made it easy for you to find a PDF Ebooks without any digging. As soon as there is meaning, there is difference. So, you may not be afraid to be left behind by knowing this book.

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Derrida is, however, reticent to use Freudian concepts because they themselves are part of the of the history of Western metaphysics, of logocentrism, which tries to subordinate writing to speech. Derrida now moves to his own discussion of the Artaud much of this discussion deals with specific aspects of Artaud's work that I am not familiar with, I will try to distill the main points , Artaud teaches us this unity prior to dissociation that destroys the possibility of clinical and critical commentary, Artaud's art resists commentary because it no longer a route to something other than itself, either clinical case or critical example. A proximity to the other in which distance is maintained. At the same time, in the second phase there is a recognition of the opening or 'becoming' of phenomenological experience.

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