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write necessary and sufficient in if then form discrete math pdf

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Most theorems in mathematics appear in the form of compound statements called conditional and biconditional statements. We shall study biconditional statement in the next section. Conditional statements are also called implications.

2.3: Implications

In logic and mathematics , necessity and sufficiency are terms used to describe a conditional or implicational relationship between two statements. For example, in the conditional statement: "If P then Q ", Q is necessary for P, because the truth of P guarantees the truth of Q equivalently, it is impossible to have P without Q. In general, a necessary condition is one which must be present in order for another condition to occur, while a sufficient condition is one which produces the said condition. In ordinary English , "necessary" and "sufficient" indicate relations between conditions or states of affairs, not statements. For example, being a male is a necessary condition for being a brother, but it is not sufficient—while being a male sibling is a necessary and sufficient condition for being a brother.

Conditionals and Biconditionals Logic is the hygiene the mathematician practices to keep his ideas healthy and strong. The conditional has the truth table. Many people have problems understanding the truth values for the conditional. The following example will help illustrate the truth values for the conditional. Note p and q are both true. Note p is true, but q is false. This is the case with which many people have trouble understanding.

Conditional reasoning and logical equivalence

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A causal fallacy you commit this fallacy when you assume that a necessary condition of an event is sufficient for the event to occur. A necessary condition is a condition that must be present for an event to occur. A sufficient condition is a condition or set of conditions that will produce the event. A necessary condition must be there, but it alone does not provide sufficient cause for the occurrence of the event. Only the sufficient grounds can do this. In other words, all of the necessary elements must be there.

Ann. Math. Statist. proof of a necessary and sufficient condition for admissibility of estimators of a multivariate parameter vector,I in certain discrete problems relative to four lemmas of Section 2, that is, write most of this paper. m any form reserved. Proof: If R(R,, 6) < cc then Cf=, marianaslibrary.org (e: 6(x))' h(x) Ah') < co. This.

Necessity and sufficiency

Logic is the basis of all mathematical reasoning, and of all automated reasoning. The rules of logic specify the meaning of mathematical statements. These rules help us understand and reason with statements such as —. The rules of logic give precise meaning to mathematical statements.

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Confusion of Necessary with a Sufficient Condition

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    if p, then q p implies q. ▫ if p, q q if p. ▫ p is sufficient for q q is necessary for p. ▫ From p follows q learn discrete mathematics (sufficient condition for q is p). Write each of the following compound statements in symbolic form. 1. If this is an.

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    If p and q are statement variables, the conditional of q by p is ”If p then q” or ”p implies q” and is Finally, write down a conditional statement and then negate it. The contrapositive of a conditional statement of the form p → q is: If ∼ q →∼ p. Hence, ”r is a necessary and sufficient condition for s” means ”r if, and only if, s.​”.