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CAD/CAM Machine Drawing and Computer Graphics 3(1+2)

A rivet has a cylindrical shank with a head at one end. It is used to make permanent joints between two plates. Rivet is inserted into the holes of plates which are to be joined and then its protruding part is upset by a hammer. Joints made by rivets are called permanent because the parts can be only be dismantled by damaging rivets. It is Unlike the joints made by nut and bolts.

Design of Connections

Joining is a part and parcel in manufacturing as it is used to assemble two or more solid components either permanently or temporarily. Although a permanent joint does not allow disassembly of parts without rupturing them, it has immense demand in assembly as it can provide a strong, leak-proof and inherently anti-loose joint. Welded joint and riveted joint are two commonly used permanent joining processes; however, now-a-days riveted joints are mostly superseded by various advanced welding processes. By definition, welding is one type of joining process where two or more materials can be joined permanently with or without the application of external heat, pressure and additional material. There exists a wide variety of welding processes that can join various materials in innumerable ways. Welding can be used to join metals, ceramics and polymers in several fashions like lap joint, butt joint, T-joint, etc.

A 1, feet high tower built using 18, pieces of steel. And all the pieces joined together using 2. The construction of Eifel Tower was completed in the year Comparing the complexity of the structure from the year of its building makes it a master art of steel construction. The 10, tons of steel held straight using rivets since , gives us an idea of how effective riveted steel connections can be. The Eifel tower was built in the 19th century and it is still the same with just a little maintenance and paint jobs once every few years.

Rivet and Weld Systems —a review of their educational value

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The design of simple riveted joints has held a place, for longer than most of us can remember, in the early mechanics courses of the ONC. It provides useful examples of shearing and bearing stresses and, along with other examples, helps to lay the foundations for later mechanics of materials and stress analysis. Pallett, G. Report bugs here.

The strength of riveted joints is defined as the force that the joint can withstand without causing failure. In case of double-strap single-riveted butt joint, the rivets are subjected to double shear as shown below:. This type of failure occurs when the compressive stress between the shank of the rivet and the plate exceeds the yield stress in compression. The efficiency of the riveted joint is defined as the ratio of the strength of riveted joint to the strength of unriveted solid plate. The bolts denoted by 1 are subjected to maximum force.

Riveted Joints and Welded Joints


The fatigue strength of welded, bolted and riveted joints in high strength, low alloy steel Navigation Menu. Navigation Menu. Publications Office of the EU. Publication detail.

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Not until long ago riveted joints were very often used to join structural members permanently. However, significant improvement in welding and bolted joints has​.

Difference Between Weld Joint and Rivet Joint – Welding and Riveting

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Rivet and Riveted Joints, Applications, Advantages, Disadvantages

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    When two plates or parts are joined together, they may joined permanently or temporarily.