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dalit theology and dalit liberation pdf

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A comparison of African Evangelicalism with South African Black theology and Indian Dalit theology

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. The struggle for liberation from caste and gender: representations of Dalit women in the neo-Buddhist movement. Author Hibbs, Carolyn Annette.

Metadata Show full item record. Abstract This dissertation analyzes the representations of Dalit neo-Buddhist women in literature, iconography, and media, and situates these representations in a religious context. It fills a gap in the existing research by bringing together three areas of study, all of which are interdisciplinary in themselves and all of which intersect: religious studies, women's studies, and postcolonial studies.

A central feature of the contemporary Dalit movement is its response to B. Ambedkar's founding of a new sect of Buddhism in ; this sect is popularly known as neo-Buddhism.

Ambedkar founded this sect as a means to counter casteism and sexism in India. This dissertation proposes that religious experience is central to the neo-Buddhist movement, to the experiences of women within that movement, and to the production of representations of Dalit women. This dissertation situates neo-Buddhism as a religion which engages with the intersection of gender and caste, and considers the impact of the text The Buddha and His Dhamma as scripture.

It also situates neo-Buddhism in the context of historical responses to the caste system in non-Hindu traditions, and the contemporary practice of casteism and sexism in those traditions. It argues that in his founding of neo-Buddhism, Ambedkar drew on both indigenous and foreign models in order to challenge both Hindu and colonial oppression. This dissertation argues that Dalit men's representations of Dalit women tend to reinforce upper caste Hindu concepts of womanhood through the idealization of self-sacrificing devotion, domesticity, and purity.

In contrast, in their self-representations, Dalit women participate in Buddhist feminist theology through engaging with concepts of religion, rationality, and the polluted body. The dissertation concludes that Dalit women's engagement with casteism and sexism both follows Ambedkar's example and provides a stronger means of countering casteism and sexism in their Dalit communities, and in Indian culture more broadly.

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Dalit theology

Postcolonial Networks Board. Here one can see the deep feeling of a young Dalit theologian and a teacher in one of the most prestigious theological colleges in India. To understand such feeling one needs to know the history of contextual or liberation theologies. This incompatibility in my opinion is symptomatic of the practical inefficacy of Dalit theology. In most cases, acceptance of a new theology by the Church and even by some in the academic world comes very slow.

Dalit Theology and Dalit Liberation Problems, Paradigms and Possibilities

It called for a radical reassessment of theology, pastoral works, and the Catholic Church itself. By the late s, this was no longer as politically, let alone ethically, tolerable. Out of that conference emerged declarations that rejected poverty as the lot of morally or intellectually inferior peoples. That new humanity would be one that answers the Christian call to clothe the naked, feed the hungry, welcome the stranger, and care for the ill.

Liberation theology is familiar to the Indian folk.

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Dalit Theology in the view of Church in Indian concept apply to Tamil Nadu

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