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difference between procedure oriented language and object oriented language pdf

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Object-oriented programming OOP is a programming paradigm based on the concept of " objects ", which can contain data and code: data in the form of fields often known as attributes or properties , and code, in the form of procedures often known as methods. A feature of objects is that an object's own procedures can access and often modify the data fields of itself objects have a notion of this or self. In OOP, computer programs are designed by making them out of objects that interact with one another.

Object-oriented programming

In the procedure oriented approach, the problem is viewed as the sequence of things to be done such as reading, calculating and printing such as C, Pascal, fortran etc. The primary focus is on functions. A typical structure for procedural programming is shown in fig below. Global data are more vulnerable to an inadvertent change by a function. This provides an opportunity for bugs to creep in.

Software development is moving from procedural programming towards object-oriented programming OOP. Past studies in cognitive aspects of programming have focused primarily on procedural programming languages. Object-oriented programming is a new paradigm for computing. Industry is finding that programmers are having difficulty shifting to this new programming paradigm. Findings in prior research revealed that procedural programming requires Piaget's formal operation cognitive level.

An analysis is carried out to determine if Mauritian Universities are emphasing sufficiently on teaching OOP to their students. The undergraduate courses consisting of at least one computer programming module were considered in the analysis. Keywords: Object-Oriented Programming OOP , universities, computer programming, undergraduate courses and digital economy. The object-oriented method appears to increase programmer productivity, reduce the overall cost of the software, and perhaps most importantly creates software that promotes reuse and subsequently is easier to modify. Consistent with the change in industry, many universities and industry training organizations are currently in the process of integrating object orientation into their curriculum. There are several approaches including horizontal integration integrating a small dose of the object orientation into many courses and vertical integration having a large dose of the concepts in a single course. The most common method to introduce computer programming to students at schools and universities is to use an easy programming language and at a later time, move to another difficult computer paradigm concept.

The need to teach object-oriented programming in undergraduate courses

Procedure-oriented Programming POP and Object-oriented programming OOP both are the programming approaches, which uses high-level language for programming. A program can be written in both the languages, but if the task is highly complex, OOP operates well as compared to POP. Large programs lead to more bugs, and it increases the time of debugging. There are some other differences which can be explained with the help of a comparison chart. Object oriented. Approach Top-down.

It is similar to a prior study using the OOP language. C++ [52]. Relationships between cognitive requirements of computer programming languages and.

Difference Between OOP and POP

In this page, we will learn about the basics of OOPs. Object-Oriented Programming is a paradigm that provides many concepts, such as inheritance , data binding , polymorphism , etc. Simula is considered the first object-oriented programming language.

Cognitive Differences Between Procedural Programming and Object Oriented Programming

Both are programming languages that use high-level programming to solve a problem but using different approaches. These approaches in technical terms are known as programming paradigms. This is where programming languages come to the picture.

Procedural Programming: Procedural Programming can be defined as a programming model which is derived from structured programming, based upon the concept of calling procedure. Procedures, also known as routines, subroutines or functions, simply consist of a series of computational steps to be carried out. Object Oriented Programming: Object oriented programming can be defined as a programming model which is based upon the concept of objects. Objects contain data in the form of attributes and code in the form of methods. In object oriented programming, computer programs are designed using the concept of objects that interact with real world. Object oriented programming languages are various but the most popular ones are class-based, meaning that objects are instances of classes, which also determine their types. Writing code in comment?

On the basis of nature of developing the code both languages have different approaches on basis of which both are differentiate from each other. Differences between Procedural and Object Oriented Programming. Mahesh Parahar. Previous Page Print Page. Next Page. Dashboard Logout. Object-oriented Programming is a programming language that uses classes and objects to create models based on the real world environment.

Both Procedural Oriented Programming (POP) and Object Oriented Programming (OOP) are the high level languages in programming world.

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Difference Between Object-oriented Programming and Procedural Programming Languages

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