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weber protestant ethic and spirit of capitalism pdf

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The Protestant ethic and the" spirit" of capitalism and other writings

Max Weber is perhaps best known of his work on the Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. His views have been much debated but the key idea in Weber was that there was a link between the rise of capitalism and an ethos of self control associated with Protestant reformation. By stressing the cultural, rather than the economic, dimension Weber has often been seen as anti Marxist camp but things are more complicated than that, Weber was choosing to focus on the cultures we create rather than dismissing structural and other issues see Giddens below if you want to carry this further.

Weber is also much known for his later work on authority. Put briefly he identified three types of authority: rational rule based ; traditional and charismatic. All three were ideal types — or generalisations.

In practice all aspects of authority were interrelated and dynamic, though there was a tendency towards rational authority in the modern state. Weber has been hugely influential in our understanding of social theory but his work is difficult to categorise.

You can find some self styled Weberian analyses for example Bocock, below but he offers more a way of thinking about social research rather than a particular method or methodology. Key to this perspective is a concern for what may today recognise as interdisciplinarity, criticality and and interest in the consequences of cultural beliefs.

Bocock, R. Giddens, A. Weber, M. And for a simplistic overview you could try. Coronavirus Covid : Latest updates and information. References Bocock, R.

SOCY 151: Foundations of Modern Social Theory

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Max Weber, the Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism

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Max Weber wrote his best-known work after he recovered from a period of serious mental illness near the turn of the twentieth century. After he recovered, his work transitioned from enthusiastically capitalist and liberal in the tradition of Adam Smith and John Stuart Mill to much more skeptical of the down-sides of modernization, more similar to the thinking of Nietzsche and Freud. With his more complex understanding of the causes of capitalism, Weber accounts for the motivations of capitalists and the spirit of capitalism and rationalization in ways that Marx does not. Chapter 1. I could give you a lot of nice and juicy stories, what I have, but unfortunately I have to withhold myself.

Weber describes the capitalist spirit as the desire to constantly work and build greater and greater wealth, even when that wealth is not needed. He notes that that the capitalist spirit is not the same as capitalism itself, since it may exist in non-capitalist economies, and people not driven by endless profits may live within capitalist economies. In the capitalist spirit, one lives to work. In the traditionalist spirit, one works to live.


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