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spectroscopy luminescence and radiation centers in minerals pdf

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With the increasing availability of treated-color diamonds on the market, their characterization is becoming more and more critical to the jewelry testers and customers.

Total irradiation fluences were varied in the range 1.

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Spectroscopic Characteristics of Treated-Color Natural Diamonds

Cathodoluminescence CL is an effective method for detection of various types of emission centers lattice defects and trace elements , and CL observation of several minerals has been applied in many geoscientific fields, e. In the case of zircon, emission centers are attributable to rare earth elements REEs and structural defects, of which combination results in a variety of luminescence color e. Therefore, the CL spectra show complicated features due to an overlap of each emission component. Therefore, CL emissions in zircon are attributable to two-types of radiation-induced and intrinsic defects in addition to impurity centers. Furthermore, a process of metamictization in radioactive minerals e. Annealing effects on the CL derived from radiation-induced defect in zircon have been investigated in detail by Raman and CL spectroscopies, and CL color imaging e. The CL emission component related to radiation-induced damage during metamictization in zircon has not been identified as a specified emission peak separated from the spectra overlapped with multiple emission peaks.

Thank you for visiting nature. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. In nature, calcium carbonate CaCO 3 in the form of calcite and aragonite nucleates through different pathways including geogenic and biogenic processes. It may also occur as pyrogenic lime plaster and laboratory-precipitated crystals.

Luminescence , emission of light by certain materials when they are relatively cool. It is in contrast to light emitted from incandescent bodies, such as burning wood or coal, molten iron, and wire heated by an electric current. Luminescence may be seen in neon and fluorescent lamps; television, radar, and X-ray fluoroscope screens; organic substances such as luminol or the luciferins in fireflies and glowworms; certain pigments used in outdoor advertising; and also natural electrical phenomena such as lightning and the aurora borealis. In all these phenomena, light emission does not result from the material being above room temperature, and so luminescence is often called cold light. The practical value of luminescent materials lies in their capacity to transform invisible forms of energy into visible light. Luminescence emission occurs after an appropriate material has absorbed energy from a source such as ultraviolet or X-ray radiation , electron beams, chemical reactions, and so on. The energy lifts the atoms of the material into an excited state, and then, because excited states are unstable, the material undergoes another transition, back to its unexcited ground state, and the absorbed energy is liberated in the form of either light or heat or both all discrete energy states, including the ground state, of an atom are defined as quantum states.


We discuss the potential of luminescence spectroscopy, complementary to Raman spectroscopy, for the quantitative estimation of chemical and potentially also radiation-induced disorder. The luminescence emission of rare-earth elements REEs in general is well-studied, stimulated by their importance in various modern technological applications such as lighting, colour-television screens, solid-state lasers, phosphors, and chromophores in different host materials e. In the Earth sciences, one challenging task is the detection of REEs in different host minerals using luminescence methods; a large variety of mineral systems have been studied already Tarashchan ; Ohnenstetter et al. Synthetic minerals individually- or multi-doped with REEs have also been studied routinely, aiming at a better understanding of the luminescence in their natural analogues. For the example of zircon and synthetic ZrSiO 4 , such investigations have been done by Cesbron et al. Time-resolved luminescence techniques have improved the detection of various luminescence centres utilizing their different decay times Reisfeld et al.

The physics of minerals in a broad sense implies the fundamental aspects of understanding mineral matter: the electronic structure of atoms related to their behavior in geochemical processes; the atomic and electronic structures of minerals; the p Even modern advanced handbooks, which are cer- tainly necessary, include basic data on min The Quantum Yield Spectra. Reflection Spectra. Isochromatic Spectra.

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Spectroscopy, Luminescence and Radiation Centers in Minerals

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