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Advantages and Disadvantages of Job Specification. A job specification defines the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are required to perform a job in an organization. It is a document or statement which spells out the minimum levels of qualification, skills, physical and other abilities, experience, judgment and attributes required to perform them efficiently and effectively. It helps in the recruitment and selection process, evaluating the performance of employees and in their appraisal and promotion.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Job Description

Before conducting job evaluation, it is important to create a detailed job evaluation policy which outlines the objectives, the roles and responsibilities in implementing the policy, the procedures involve the evaluation process and the process for appeal. Moreover, to ensure effectiveness of the job evaluation, organisations should also look at the prevalent practices in conducting job evaluation. As discussed, organisations today usually have compensation philosophy and they based the worth of the jobs on the market pricing to ensure competitiveness in the labor market. Indeed, no process has yet been created to replace the process of job evaluation in organisations and until then, job evaluation will remain as a tool that champions both the interest of the companies and its employees in ensuring fairness in the. A list of all the competencies and tasks that come with a specific job are identified and listed and correlated with the information collected in step one above. Primarily, this identification focuses on how each task is classified in terms of its importance and subject matter expertise requirement.

A job specification defines the knowledge, skills and abilities that are required to perform a job in an organization. Job specification covers aspects like education, work-experience, managerial experience etc which can help accomplish the goals related to the job. Collectively, job specification and job description help in giving a overview of the job in terms of its title, position, roles, responsibilities, education, experience, workplace etc. The importance and purpose of job specification is a thoroughly understand the specific details of a job. Jobs can be of different types and can require a different skill sets to get the maximum output from a particular.

Having job descriptions in place is a good start to avoiding being in a situation where your employees are not fulfilling their duties. A job description helps set clear expectations with your employees at the outset of their employment about what is expected of them. It all starts with when you are recruiting staff, as your job advert needs to clearly outline what the job entails and what you need the person to be able to do so that both you and the applicants understand the job role. The process of writing job descriptions is actually quite easy and straight-forward. Start off with a list of tasks, and then refine this to focus on a summary of key tasks of around points. For our smaller clients we recognise that staff may cover a wider or mixed range of duties and responsibilities, therefore you may need more points, circa — try to avoid anything longer, as this can become less effective. A good job description should enable anyone who reads the document to have a clear understanding of the purpose, duties and responsibilities of that job.

Explain Advantages and Disadvantages of Job Analysis!

Basically anywhere asking this types of question, What is the Advantages and Disadvantages of Job Analysis? First looking What is Job Analysis? Job analysis is crucial in all human activities but like all human inventions, it also suffers from various limitations. Introduction to Job analysis consists of job responsibilities, information, expertise, capabilities and personal traits and all this lead to success, for the workers. The basic reason for which the organizations require job analysis is to ensure proper selection measures for choosing the suitable applicants. A logical selection modus operandi is always necessary to make reasonable and trust-worthy job selections. A genuine selection procedure requires job analysis since it identifies the fundamental requirements for that specific job.

Job description is concise information about a particular job. Job description can be defined as the written statement which includes roles and responsibilities or functions of a particular position. An example of job description : Human resource generalist is responsible for the progressive authority of the employees. The job description is a specified explanation of all the duties that a Career Support Worker might be expected to work with the given samples for the related duties. The actual duties should be carried out by each employee or staff with the best care. These assigned tasks will be agreed by the senior member of staff before the worker begins the task wherein the senior staff will provide support.

Job Analysis is a primary tool to collect job-related data. The process results in collecting and recording two data sets including job description and job specification. Any job vacancy can not be filled until and unless HR manager has these two sets of data. It is necessary to define them accurately in order to fit the right person at the right place and at the right time. This helps both employer and employee understand what exactly needs to be delivered and how. Both job description and job specification are essential parts of job analysis information.

Job Specification deals with the primary responsibilities that should be performed by the candidate. It denotes the minimum and maximum qualifications of the.

What are the benefits of a job description?

Though job analysis plays a vital role in all other human related activities but every process that has human interventions also suffers from some limitations. The process of job analysis also has its own constraints. So, let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of job analysis process at length. Provides First Hand Job-Related Information: The job analysis process provides with valuable job-related data that helps managers and job analyst the duties and responsibilities of a particular job, risks and hazards involved in it, skills and abilities required to perform the job and other related info.

Job Specification

As a small business owner, you can provide your employees with job enrichment opportunities, which increase the depth, not quantity, of their day-to-day responsibilities at your company. Job enrichment offers employees an opportunity to do tasks that are different than what was originally outlined in their job descriptions and job objectives. When an employee's level of responsibility increases, and she gets the opportunity to try new tasks, it's inevitable that she will learn new skills.

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