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relationship between marginal product average product and total product pdf

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Economics 1 Reading Topics in Demand and Supply Analysis Subject 4. Marginal Returns and Productivity.

Explain the relationship between the marginal product and total product of an input.

This equality is essential to obtain the classical economic conclusion that unrestricted markets achieve and maintain full employment. This is one of the three assumptions underlying classical economics. The other two assumptions are flexible prices and Say's law. If marginal product is less than average product, then average product declines. If marginal product is greater than average product, then average product rises.

In economics, the marginal product of labor MP L is the change in output that results from employing an added unit of labor. The marginal product of a factor of production is generally defined as the change in output resulting from a unit or infinitesimal change in the quantity of that factor used, holding all other input usages in the production process constant. The marginal product of labor is then the change in output Y per unit change in labor L. In discrete terms the marginal product of labor is:. In continuous terms, the MP L is the first derivative of the production function :. There is a factory which produces toys. When there are no workers in the factory, no toys are produced.

Estate Planning in North Dakota. Agricultural Law and Management. Based on the assumptions of a goal of profit maximization and making decisions in the short run, combined with our understanding of diminishing marginal productivity, the question is "what level of input should a manager use and what level of output should the manager produce to maximize profit. The relationship between the level of variable input and level of output can be illustrated with a production function. The production function could be described as a combination or series of enterprise analyses wherein each point on the production function represents a different enterprise; that is, a different recipe or combination of fixed inputs and variable input. The idea that the production function is a series of enterprises is expanded on in subsequent sections. No business operates with one variable input and one fixed input.

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It is very important to understand the relationship between these concepts in order to understand the process behind production by firms. As long as the the TP increases at an increasing rate, the MP also increases. This goes on till MP reaches maximum. When TP increases at a diminishing rate, MP declines. This continues till the point where TP is at its highest.

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Define Total Product, Average Product and Marginal Product.

The short run production production assumes there is at least one fixed factor input. Total product total output. In manufacturing industries such as motor vehicles, it is straightforward to measure how much output is being produced. Average product measures output per-worker-employed or output-per-unit of capital.

Production Function in the Short Run

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Marginal product of labor

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    When the Marginal Product (MP) increases, the Total Product is also increasing at an increasing rate. This gives the Total product curve a convex shape in the beginning as variable factor inputs increase.