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environmental water advances in treatment remediation and recycling pdf

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The world is facing a drinking water crisis. Besides continuous population growth, uneven distribution of water resources and periodic droughts have forced scientists to search for new and effective water treatment, remediation and recycling technologies.

Environmental Water: Advances in Treatment, Remediation and Recycling

The global population is increasing and because of this, the world may experience great fresh water scarcity. Our water resources are limited and, hence, water treatment and recycling methods are the only alternatives for getting fresh water in the coming decades. Therefore, there is a great need for the development of a suitable, inexpensive and rapid wastewater treatment techniques and reuse or conservation methods in the present century. The different types of water treatment and recycling techniques have been discussed in terms of their basic principles, applications, costs, maintenance and suitability. Additionally, a systematic approach to water treatment and recycling involving their understanding, evaluation and selection parameters has been presented.

Wastewater is produced by human activity and has a direct impact on the natural environment into which it is discharged, whether it is treated or not. The responsible management of the increasing volumes of wastewater represents a genuine sanitary and environmental challenge for all the players involved local authorities, operators, etc. Efficient treatment solutions exist, including the possible reuse of treated wastewater. Your challenges Reducing the impact of wastewater on the environment and health A growing population, urbanisation and new modes of production and consumption are all producing more and more wastewater, which has become a genuine issue for public health and for the environment. The disposal of untreated or poorly treated wastewater in the natural environment produces pollution that is catastrophic for biodiversity and the quality of water resources. This is the reason why it is necessary to treat wastewater and to encourage its reuse in order to protect public health and water resources. Our solutions Treating wastewater and encouraging its reuse SUEZ is a specialist in water treatment that develops wastewater treatment solutions that are adapted to local conditions, meet health standards and protect water resources and biodiversity.

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Editors: Hlavinek , P. Other countries are also suffering from water shortages and insufficient quality of the drinking water. Many rivers in Europe and in other parts of the world are significantly polluted by insufficiently treated or untreated wastewater discharge. This book is based on the discussions and papers prepared for the NATO Advanced Research Workshop that took place in Lviv, Ukraine, and addressed recent advances in water supply and wastewater treatment as a prerequisite for a safer society and environment. The contributions critically assess the existing knowledge on urban water management and provide an overview of the current water management issues, especially in the countries in transition in Central and Eastern Europe and in the Mediterranean Dialogue countries.

Advanced Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment: A Road to Safer Society and Environment

Chevron recognizes the value of water as a fundamental societal, environmental and economic resource. As a global company, we know that access to water is essential for the communities where we operate and for our business. To produce energy around the world, we rely on access to sufficient sources of water, including both fresh water and water of lower quality. We have management systems, processes and standards to manage this critical natural resource in alignment with The Chevron Way and our Human Rights Policy. Chevron strives to responsibly manage our water usage.

Environmental Water - 1st Edition - ISBN: , 1st Edition. Advances in Treatment, Remediation and Recycling. star rating.

Environmental Water: Advances in Treatment, Remediation and Recycling

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Read Environmental Water by V.K. Gupta,Imran Ali with a free trial. Environmental Water: Advances in Treatment, Remediation and Recycling. By V.K. Gupta.

Environmental Water

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