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These are Bacteroides spp, Peptostreptococcus spp and Clostridium spp. The most frequently encountered species in each genus are: Bacteroides fragilis, Peptostreptococcus magnus, and Clostridium perfringens.

The American Biology Teacher 1 March ; 80 3 : — It is often difficult for students grasp the concept that some organisms can grow in the absence of oxygen and that oxygen can be toxic to organisms. However, as educators usually describe in the classroom, the importance of the anaerobic growth of microorganisms can be seen in many areas of industry, health, and the creation of several categories of food ranging from fermented alcohols to breads and cheeses.

Twenty six anaerobes were recovered from deep-seated abscess samples cultured by the proposed two-step combustion-modified candle-jar system and Anoxomat. The degree of growth and colony size were similar in both systems, except for Clostridium difficile. The modified candle-jar system was found to be a sensitive and cost-effective alternative that might be used in resource-limited settings. Nosocomial infections in leukemic and solid-tumor cancer patients: distribution, outcome and microbial spectrum of anaerobes. Future Microbiol ; 7 :

Anaerobic Bacteria Culture

First — It is required to isolate and grow the bacteria from natural environment to laboratory medium. It requires the knowledge of growth requirements of bacteria of interest. Second — Bacteria of interest should be separated from other bacteria to obtain a pure culture of one type of bacteria.

Third — Once a pure culture is achieved, maintenance of pure culture without contamination is a task again. Pure Culture : Population of cells arising from a single bacterial cell, to study characteristics in detail. In natural habitat i. It is required to separate the bacteria of interest from the mixed population, as pure culture to study the characteristics of the bacteria in detail.

Generally, initial incubation of clinical sample is done using liquid broth i. Inoculation of Nutrient Broth : The clinical samples should be added to the nutrient broth aseptically to avoid contamination and incubate the nutrient broth for 24 Hrs at 37OC.

In nutrient broth after incubation: Turbidity : Indicates the growth of bacteria Transparency: Indicates no growth of bacteria. Streak Plate Method: To obtain a pure culture , it is required to obtain separate , single bacterial colony. The microbial mixture is seeded on the edge of an agar plate with inoculating loop and than streaked out over the surface.

After seeding the culture, first sector is streaked originating from seeding area. After first sector is streaked, inoculum loop is sterilized and second sector is streaked using inoculum from the first sector. Similarly, Third sector is streaked. In this way, the number of bacteria in seeding area is diluted in first sector, second sector. Eventually, very few cells remain on the loop in third or fourth sector and single cells dropped from inoculation loop will develop into separate colonies.

Separate single colony is picked up , streaked on fresh plate to get a pure culture. Quadrant Streaking. Pour Plate Method The sample is diluted several times to reduce the microbial count sufficiently to obtain separate colonies. When plating , small volumes of several diluted samples are mixed with molten agar that has been cooled to 45OC before pouring into sterile plates. Bacteria and fungi are not killed at 45OC for a short exposure. After solidification of agar each bacterial cell is fixed in a place and form an individual colony.

Like the spread plate, pour plate can also be used to determine the number of cells in a population. Plates containing clonies are counted. The total number of colonies equals the number of viable bacterial cells.

The count of bacterial cells should be multiplied by dilution factor to work. Can also yield isolated colonies. Surface colonies can be used to prepare the pure culture. The dispersed cells develops into a single colony. Numbers of colonies are equal to the number of viable organisms in the sample. Spread plate method can be used to count microbial population. Slant and stab culture Slants of agar in a test tube are generally used for maintaining the bacteria in pure culture.

The bacterial colonies are streaked on the surface of slants. Slant culture is also used for various chemical tests such as Citrate utilization test, Urease test and TSI test. In TS test, the culture is streaked on agar surface as well as the culture is stabbed into the butt. A variety of anaerobic culture methods are available for the culture of anaerobic organisms on the laboratory. Exclusion of oxygen from the medium is the simplest method.

And is effected by growing the organisms in freshly steamed liquid medium or deep stab in nutrient agar with 0. Robertson cooked meat medium. With minimal shaking and solidifying rapidly by placing the tubes in cold water. Procure gm bullock heart, mince it shredded into small freckles and add 1N NaOH 1.

Also add ml-distilled water. Simmer the above for 20 minutes in boiling water. Drain off the liquid. Collect the liquid in another sterile container-, which can be used later for the preparation of Peptone Infusion Broth 4. Minced boiled cooked meat is placed in sterile test tubes. For the preparation of Peptone Infusion broth use the drained liquid as above i. Steam for 20 mins OC and cool immediately. Add 1ml of pure HCl and filter.

Adjust pH 8. Adjust pH 7. Peptone Infusion Broth. Add the peptone infusion broth to the tubes with minced cooked meat as above in such a way that the level of Peptone infusion broth should be 2. Adjust the pH 7. Robertson Cooked Meat Medium. Method 1.

Discharge the inoculums at a corner of blood agar plate and spread by inoculating loop following quadrant pattern. Place the blood agar plate along with charged catalyst. Charging is done by pre-heating at OC and Risazurin indicator in the jar. Put 10 ml of tap water in the pack and immediately place in upright position in the jar. And tighten the lid. Place the jar in incubator at 37OC for hrs. Maintenance of anaerobic condition in the jar will be shown by risazurin indicator turning white from its original pink colour.

Open the jar after 72 hrs and examine the plate for bacterial growth. Prepare the smear of a suggestive colony, stain with Grams method and observe under microscope. Exercise Q1. Explain the role of superoxide dismutase and catalase in destruction of superoxide radical and H2O2 in aerobes and facultative anaerobes. Exposure to oxygen proves toxic for strict anaerobes. Quadrant Streaking 3. Bacteriology Immunology Virology Animal Biotechnology.

Culturing anaerobes

First — It is required to isolate and grow the bacteria from natural environment to laboratory medium. It requires the knowledge of growth requirements of bacteria of interest. Second — Bacteria of interest should be separated from other bacteria to obtain a pure culture of one type of bacteria. Third — Once a pure culture is achieved, maintenance of pure culture without contamination is a task again. Pure Culture : Population of cells arising from a single bacterial cell, to study characteristics in detail.

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Culturing anaerobes

An anaerobic bacteria culture is a method used to grow anaerobes from a clinical specimen. Obligate anaerobes are bacteria that can live only in the absence of oxygen. Obligate anaerobes are destroyed when exposed to the atmosphere for as briefly as 10 minutes. Some anaerobes are tolerant to small amounts of oxygen. Facultative anaerobes are those organisms that will grow with or without oxygen.

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Materials & Methods

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