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Our research is focused on three axes:. Hereto, the research group combines expertise from political science, public administration, policy studies as well as public law.

Our students are encouraged to learn a second foreign language other than English during their undergraduate education, since the department aims at training international competitive graduates in a globalizing world. Students can also take different social science courses from other departments. They are asked to choose an area of concentration either political science or public administration at the beginning of their fourth year in order to acquire a deeper insight in their chosen field. The graduates of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration are awarded teaching and research assistantships, scholarships and fellowships by leading universities world-wide and developing universities of Turkey as well as by such national and international donors as the British Council, Fullbright Commission, and the Turkish Academy of Sciences.

politics-administration dichotomy

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Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. IntroductionOne of the most important theoretical constructs in public administration is the politics-administration dichotomy. For more than a century, the politicsadministration dichotomy has been one of the most disreputable Issues in the field of public administration.

The politics-administration dichotomy has had a strange history in public administration. At the heart of the public administration is relationship between administrators, on one hand, and politicians and the public on the other hand. The nature of that relationship and the proper role of political leaders and administrators in the administrative and political process have been the subject of considerable debate.

In importance of the politics and administration, Waldo wrote:Nothing is more central in thinking about public administration than the nature and interrelations of politics and administration. Nor are the nature and interrelations of politics and administration matters only for academic theorizing. What is more important in the day-today, year-to-year, decade-to-decade operation of government than the ways in which politics and administration are conceptualized, rationalized ,and related one to the other.

In this article we review history of the politics-administration dichotomy in five section. First, we examine classical conceptualizations of relationship between politics and administration in early author's notes such as Wilson, Goodnow and Weber. We then argue that how the dichotomy model rise after founders by the scientific management and the principles of administration Movements. Then, we describe relationship between politics and administration after scientific management that in this time the politics-administration dichotomy rejected and emphasized on administrators policymaking role, specially under the New public administration NPA.

In final section, we review new trends and views on debate that introduce the complementarily model of politics and administration. Early views about the politics and administration relationship: Wilson, Goodnow and WeberAlthough the politics-administration dichotomy was not current as a theoretical construct until the late s when it first became an important issue in the literature of public administration, most scholars now trace it to Woodrow Wilson.

Wilson's essay with title of "The Study of Administration" was not cited for many years after publication, but it is an exemplar of an stream of reformist thinking about government in the late nineteenth century. Wilson intended to shield administration from political interference, He wrote:The field of administration is a field of business. It is removed from the hurry and strife of politics Administration lies outside the proper sphere of politics. Administrative questions are not political questions.

Although politics sets the tasks for administration, it should not be suffered to manipulate its offices Wilson, Wilson was concerned with both the corrupting and politicizing interference of party organizations in administrative affairs Stillman, He was critical of the way Congress handled core legislative functions. He stated that Congress policy making was haphazard and its oversight was weak. When Wilson suggested the clearer differentiation of politics and administration, he was seeking to strengthen and redirect the former while protecting the latter Svara, In The Study of Administration, Wilson explained the division of functions of Government as follows:Public administration is detailed and systematic execution of public law The broad plans of governmental action are not administrative; the detailed execution of such plans is administrative Wilson, However, Wilson originally considered politics and administration as independent, but later embraced version of the dichotomy, which assumed that politics and administration interact to improve the organic state Martin, In this time Wilson asserted that administrators would directly interpret and respond to public opinion.

Therefore, they should be involved in the policy process and elected officials should be involved in the administrative process Wilson, Wilson's change of mind can be explained that On the one hand, He admired the administration of European countries and proposed learning from them, which would not have been possible unless administration was distinctly separate from politics.

Miewald contend that this view of administrators was even clearer in Wilson's later lectures that stated the real function of administration is not merely ministerial, but adaptive, guiding, discretionary. It must accommodate and realize the law in practice. In Miewald's view, such administrators also were politicians and they must have the freedom to make ethical decisions. Van Riper asserted that Wilson can not be blame or give credit for originating the dichotomy.

In his view, Wilson like some of his contemporaries, simply wanted to advance the partisan not political neutrality of the civil service. Svara 52 argue that Wilson's view of the administrative function was broad and not consistent with the dichotomy model as it came to be articulated later. He refer to this Wilson's note that large powers and unhampered discretion seem to me the indispensable conditions of responsibility for administrators.

The European version of the dichotomy was accepted by Frank Goodnow. In his book "Politics and Administration" , Goodnow attacked to the executive, legislative, and judicial functions as three basic functions of government. Instead, he argued, there were two basic functions of government: the expression of the popular will and the execution of that will. The three traditional powers were derived from the two functions, and each of the three branches of government combined in different measure both the expression and the execution of the popular will.

Goodnow argued that the function of politics was to express the state's will and the function of administration was to execute the state's will.

He contented that it was analytically possible to separate administration from politics, but practically impossible toad the two functions to one branch of government Goodnow, Goodnow argued that certain aspects of administration were harmed by politics and should have been shielded from it. He argued:"political control over administrative functions is liable Svara 53 believed that in Goodnow's writing there is a continuity between the political and administrative spheres, not a separation of the two, except as it applies to insulating administrative staff from partisan political inference.

Because of Goodnow and other scholars at this time were interested in strengthening the relationship between administrators and elected officials rather than separating them. In sum, It should be recognized that Wilson and Goodnow aimed to eliminate the spoils system by freeing administration from political intervention and establishing a merit system in its place. They particularly opposed political appointments and patronage Caiden, ;Fry, Fry, : Rohr, xiii-xvii; Rosenbloom, They were more concerned with the improvement of administrative practice than with establishing a theoretical Construct Stillman, In other word, the dichotomy was not merely an analytical device for them, but first of all a practical imperative.

To Wilson and Goodnow politics bore too strong an influence on public administration. Their's aim was to take politics out of administration Fry, Fry, : In early twentieth century, Weber also arrived to a dichotomy between politics and administration, but from the opposite direction of Wilson and Goodnow.

Weber argued that politics are too weak to curb administrative power, and that is the danger of Beamtenherrschaft government by functionaries that treat government. In "Politikals Beruf" Weber draws a sharp line between administrators and politicians:According to his proper vocation, the genuine civil servant Hence, he shall precisely not do what the politician, the leader as well as his following, must always and necessarily do, namely, fight.

For partisanship, fight, passion are stadium are the politician's element. In sum, It should be said that in founder' s views it was partisan politics they wanted to keep apart from public administration rather than politics per se Van Riper, ;Ranney, Overeem contended that in it's classical conceptualizations the dichotomy between politics and administration implied a deep concern about the political neutrality of administrators. Whether attempts were made to take politics out of administration, as in the case of Wilson and Goodnow, or the other way around, as in the case of Weber, the aim was always to render administration impartial, an outsider to political controversy.

Toward the dichotomy: raise of the politics-administration dichotomy concept after foundersYang and Holzer believed that in deciphering Wilson and Goodnow, practitioners and academicians incorporated their own beliefs and reconstructed or distorted the two authors' intentions.

This misreading, they argued, is no surprise because in light of the Progressive context Openness to the separation of administration from politics was necessary if public administration was to emerge as an autonomous field, an urgent and legitimate attitude at a time when politics perversely intruded into administration, as exemplified by the spoils system. There is agreement that the idea of separation between politics and administration Dichotomy diverged from the earlier approaches by Wilson and Goodnow.

Van Riper argue that Wilson and Goodnow's ideas do not correspond to a dichotomy. Waldo , Appleby 16 , Golembiewski 9 , and Caiden 60 also have same views. Rabin and Bowman 4 content that the distinction between politics and administration identified by Wilson and Goodnow had been converted by thirties authors into a dichotomy.

Martin demonstrates the thinking of the thirties as follows:In the atmosphere provided by scientific management, a mechanistic concept of public administration came to prevail widely and in important circles. Administration was separated severely from the legislative body Politics was anathema-not the politics practiced by administrators, but the politics of the politicians According to Caiden , in the thirties, there was a narrower conception of administration as being the management of organizations without regard to purpose, persons, or objectives, that is a generic science of management.

Because of the purpose and methods of the two spheres were different, not only could administration be taken out of politics, but politics could be taken out of administration. Thus, the dichotomy model and the scientific practice of administration became the dominant modes of inquiry in this time.

Demir and Nyhan 83 note that the politics-administration dichotomy sought to minimize politics in public administration by prescribing expertise, neutrality, and hierarchy. This values more than of all was insisted in the thirties.

Van Riper also argued that between, and , there did in the literature and practice of public administration a kind of distance between politics and administration. The need for a sharp division was justified to permit scientific methods to be established, and these methods both closed off administration to the untrained politician and at the same time made the administrator an expert who was above politics. In Gulick's view, the politics and administration were differentiated not in terms of principle, but in terms of specialization and the division of labor.

He noted:The reason for separating politics from administration is not that their combination is a violation of a principle of government. The reason for insisting that the elected legislative and executive officials shall not interfere with the details of administration, and that the rank and file of the permanent administrators shall be permanent and skilled and shall not meddle with politics, is that this division of work makes use of specialization and appears to give better results than a system where such a differentiation does not exist.

The idea of strict separation dichotomy model was part of scientific management and the principles of administration that abandoned starting and replaced by ideas that emphasized interaction between politics and administration.

Interaction between policy and administrationAlthough in the thirties some of authors such as Gaus, White, and Dimock had been arguing that administrators should have a role in policymaking, but During the s the dichotomy dominated the field of public administration. In the late s and early s, The politics-administration Dichotomy was increasingly criticized, came under attack and was rejected by many authors.

Waldo reviewed the extensive literature of the issue and concluded that any simple division of government into politics and administration is inadequate. He noted:As the s advanced, doubt and dissent increased. In the s refutation and repudiation came to the fore. By the s it had become common to refer to the politics administration dichotomy as an outworn if not ludicrous creed We can see the most criticism in Appleby's work.

In "Policy and Administration" , Appleby identified politics as everything having to do with the government and everything the government does. Thus, he concluded, administration could indeed not be no part of it 3.

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The Politics-administration dichotomy is a theory that constructs the boundaries of public administration and asserts the normative relationship between elected officials and administrators in a democratic society. Woodrow Wilson is credited with the politics-administration dichotomy via his theories on public administration in his essay, " The Study of Administration ". Wilson came up with a theory that politics and administration are inherently different and should be approached as such. It is removed from the hurry and strife of politics Administration lies outside the proper sphere of politics. Administrative questions are not political questions.

However, in the last times, the conditions under which politicians and public managers operate are changed so much. For example, the shift from government to.

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