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Then Welcome to " Flavornation "!

I have always loved Udi's products. Half are gluten free and half are not. Always excellent service and food! They have a separate area for preparing your Gluten Free subs.

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Yelpers report this location has closed. Find a similar spot. Last updated 8 years ago. Business owner information. Erbert and Gerbert's is home to the most flavorful sandwiches and soup you can find. Ask a question. How is this business handling reopening? What safety measures are they taking? Are they offering sit-down dining? Are they offering takeout, delivery, or both? Anything else to note about them right now? Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews.

Learn more. Really good! Good prices for downtown, especially given the size. While I've tried a few different sandwiches other than my regular and haven't liked them, my go to 8 is good! I love their soups as well. A few staff members I chat with regularly and really enjoy. I want to like this place. I really do. The food is comparable to Jimmy Johns but a little more fresh and put together.

So what is the issue? I order for delivery much more than I visit in store. Countless times my order has been incorrect. The worst was when I got a vegetarian sandwich instead of my italian. I feel bad for the person mine went to!

On top of my order consistently being messed up, I have had more than one experience with different employees making me feel uncomfortable by lingering or trying to start up inappropriate conversations.

When I'm at work and hungry I'll give you your tip I just want to eat! This really should be a 3. Fast service, good bread, and interesting Sando combos. Great soup! I like this shop better than jimmy johns, but less than subculture or half fast or Snarfs. It's also really well priced. I'm a little basic in that my go to is a boney billy.

For the price it's not to bad The sandwiches are slightly lacking in size and don't give you much meat. The hallowed out inside seemed promising but it's not filled as full as I'd hoped for. The mix of flavors is unique but not great. I'd recommend another shop if you are hungry. The Denver LoDo store finally opened today, and it was well worth the wait. I work downtown and am always looking for a yummy place to grab a quick bite. They're conveniently located right off 16th and Larimer right across from the Tabor Center's parking garage.

Holy Schmoly! A friend I dinned with tried the "Quatro" he said it was the best chicken sandwich he'd ever had, and how could it not be?

The manager and staff were super friendly. The location is the perfect size. Everything was neat and clean. They serve COKE products, added bonus! Walked into this place on a whim wanting some soup and a sandwich They gave me a free cup of chili and upgraded me to a bowl of chicken noodle all for free!

Quality and amazing tasting food and the hospitality of the staff was pretty welcoming. Side note: all of their sandwiches have little characters and a story that go along with them. That is pretty unique for sure. I was going simply on the fact that a coworker said I should try it as it is one of a kind. I would go back if a friend or coworker wanted to go there but other than that I was not overwhelmed with the feeling that I must have another sub.

I ordered the Narmer with turkey and avocado. I was a little disappointed to find that the avocado was already smashed making it more of a spread than fresh sliced avocado. The turkey needed more flavor as it was bland. Huge fan of the provolone cheese as not very many places have this cheese as an option. The bread was delicious but nothing to rave about.

The food does come out quickly but it was a decent lunch crowd coming in and out. They need a larger location I think where there is more seating and especially where you can sit outside. I understand this is the type of establishment where you take the food to go but you have to cater to the customers that don't want to sit at their desk and have lunch.

The establishment was clean but what I found was a little gross was that the delivery man went through the kitchen after just running some orders. Which would be fine but he was drenching in sweat. He touched his head and I had to look away just so I would not see what he would touch behind the counter. I would never have your delivery employee step behind the counter unless he needs to.

Before making any of those orders he was touching his hair constantly. If you are going to be around food there needs to be a hat on or a bandanna. You think because I had a drink or two I didn't see you spit in my sandwich?? You all deserve to be fired. Over priced, terrible employees and awful food.

I wish you all the worst. If it's not abundantly clear, don't eat at this miserable excuse for a restaurant. Our sandwich station is in full public view. If this had occurred I question why you did not bring this to my attention immediately rather than placing a review. We do not condone the manipulation of customer food no matter what the circumstances.

We appreciate you felt compelled to create a new account for the purposes of reviewing our restaurant but wish you had addressed your concerns in the store first as we would most definitely would have taken appropriate actions to resolve the issue.

So amazing. Every single time I come in I get a consistently fat delicious sandwich, along with my extra preferences without them ever getting anything wrong. Very cheerful, prompt and polite staff! The shop is very well-kept and clean. Nothing but great, high quality experiences from Erbs and Gerbs. Two stars is pretty tough for me on this one, but I'm giving them the benefit of trying to make a bad situation, better.

So, I headed over to Erbert and Gerbert's to give it a try. I ordered the Cally--a sweet chili vegetarian sandwich. When I got back to the office with my sandwich, I opened up the wrapper and took a bite. And realized immediately that something was wrong. Really wrong. There were three different kinds of meat on my "vegetarian" sandwich.

This is a big no-no! Putting meat on a vegetarian's sandwich is a cardinal sin So, then I had to walk back to the shop and have them replace my sandwich. Not a huge deal, but annoying when I had work to get done during lunch. They replaced the sandwich and apologized, but almost sent me back out with another wrong sandwich this time missing the cheese They offered me a cookie and a coupon for a free sandwich, but I can't say I'm excited to head back.

If I were a hard-core vegetarian ethical, religious, etc.

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Yelpers report this location has closed. Find a similar spot. Last updated 8 years ago. Business owner information. Erbert and Gerbert's is home to the most flavorful sandwiches and soup you can find.

My favorite sandwich place! I love to grab food to go, the quick service makes the grab and go effective for food on the run. Check with this restaurant for current pricing and menu information. Menu for Erbert and Gerbert's Subs provided by Allmenus. Our assortments of sandwiches offer something for everyone.


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Welcome to Flavornation. Check out our unique sandwiches, soups, and chili. Eat in, carry out, or call for delivery and catering. Close Close Menu Sandwiches What do all of our sandwiches have in common?

Trying to find a Erbert and Gerbert's Subs? Opens at AM. They even have a great gluten-free option which I really appreciate , though I haven't asked what kind of flour they use instead.

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The chain was founded in Eau Claire, Wisconsin in , with the first store opening in Erbert and Gerbert's main menu items are submarine sandwiches. There are fourteen sandwiches on the menu.

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The latest Erbert & Gerbert's menu prices for , including sandwiches, wraps, salads, mac and cheese, soups, box lunches, and more!

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Erbert and Gerbert's

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