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We are glad to share the complete list of presidents of the Philippines and their achievements and contributions.

List of presidents of the Philippines

The Third Republic of the Philippines was inaugurated on July 4, Congress pledged independence for the Philippines once Filipinos have proven their capability for self-government and the Philippine Independence Act of popularly known as Tydings-McDuffie which put in place a ten-year transition period during which the Philippines had Commonwealth status.

The Third Republic also marked the recognition by the global community of nations, of the nationhood of the Philippines—a process that began when the Commonwealth of the Philippines joined the Anti-Axis Alliance known as the United Nations on June 14, , receiving recognition as an Allied nation even before independence. Thus, the inauguration of the Third Republic marked the fulfillment of the long struggle for independence that began with the Philippine Revolution on August 23, recent scholarship suggests, on August 24 and which was formalized on June 12, with the Proclamation of Philippine Independence at Kawit, Cavite.

From to , Independence Day was celebrated on July 4. In , Congress passed Republic Act No. July 4 in turn has been observed as Republic Day since then. In an effort to solve the massive socio-economic problems of the period, President Roxas reorganized the government, and proposed a wide-sweeping legislative program.

President Roxas moved to strengthen sovereignty by proposing a Central Bank for the Philippines to administer the Philippine banking system [5] which was established by Republic Act No. The President, with the approval of Congress, proposed this move to the nation through a plebiscite.

The amendment was necessary to attract rehabilitation funds and investments at a time when public and official opinion in the United States had swung back to isolationism the Cold War, and a corresponding reversal in what had been heretofore a return of isolationism, would only come a few years later.

On March 11, , a total of , A major initiative arising from preliminary wartime discussions about the future security of the Philippines, was the US—Philippine Military Bases Agreement of , which gave the United States the right to retain the use of sixteen bases, free of rent, with the option to use seven more for a term of 99 years.

The Roxas administration also pioneered the foreign policy of the Republic. General Carlos P. On April 15, , following a speech before an audience of assembled airmen at Clark Field Air Base, President Roxas died of a heart attack.

Vice President Elpidio Quirino assumed the presidency on April 17, In order to achieve these, the Chief Executive travelled around the country to inspect firsthand the condition of the nation.

In , through Proclamation No. There were over 25, armed communists in early —two thirds of which had either been captured, killed, or had voluntarily surrendered; an estimated 60, firearms were surrendered or captured. The Quirino administration came to a close in the presidential elections of It was a landslide victory for Ramon Magsaysay, who gained 2,, votes or To help the rural masses was the focal point of the populist administration [15] of President Ramon Magsaysay.

President Magsaysay insisted in meeting and communicating with his people. In his first Executive Order , he established the Presidential Complaint and Action Commission, which investigated various citizen complaints and recommended remedial actions through different government agencies.

The principles of the Magsaysay administration were codified in the Magsaysay Credo , and became the theme of leadership and public service. In an effort to solve the problems of communism and insurgency, President Magsaysay sought to protect the farmers, through the creation of laws such as: the Agricultural Tenancy Act of the Philippines or Republic Act No. The administration achieved victory over insurgents with the surrender of Huk leader Luis Taruc in The Laurel-Langley Agreement, signed during the Magsaysay administration, gave the Philippines a preferential trade system [17] with the United States and other countries.

Among its provisions were the right to impose quotas on non-quota articles and the right to impose export taxes. On March 17, , President Magsaysay and 25 other passengers of the presidential plane Mt.

Pinatubo perished in a crash, at Mt. Manunggal, Cebu. Vice President Carlos P. Garcia succeeded to the presidency on March 18, President Carlos P. Garcia, in his inaugural address , sought the help and support of the masses in accomplishing the tremendous responsibilities of the presidency and in carrying on the legacy of the Magsaysay administration.

President Garcia ran for the presidential elections of It was the first time in electoral history where there were four serious contenders to the presidency, namely: Jose Yulo, Claro M. Recto, Manuel Manahan, and President Garcia. The incumbent president won the elections with It was the first time that a president was elected by plurality of candidates instead of a majority vote. It was also the first time where the elected president and vice president did not come from the same political party—President Garcia was a Nacionalista and Vice President Diosdado Macapagal a Liberal.

Another achievement of the Garcia administration was the Bohlen—Serrano Agreement of , which shortened the term of lease of the US military bases in the country from the previous 99 to 25 years.

He reiterated his resolve to eradicate corruption, and assured the public that honesty would prevail in his presidency. Among the laws passed during the Macapagal administration were: Republic Act No. The administration lifted foreign exchange controls as part of the decontrol program in an attempt to promote national economic stability and growth.

In the field of foreign relations, the Philippines became a founding member of Maphilindo, through the Manila Accord of The Macapagal administration closed with the presidential elections of The Marcos Administration December 30, — February 25, President Marcos, faced with the challenge of corruption in the government, reorganized the Armed Forces, the Philippine Constabulary, and the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

In an attempt to solve the problem of technical smuggling, the Bureau of Customs was also reorganized. The administration, with a goal to strengthen the local economy, devised construction programs and irrigation projects. The promotion of Philippine heritage, culture, and arts was achieved through the establishment of the Cultural Center of the Philippines CCP in Under the Marcos administration, the country hosted the Manila Summit in The conference aimed to resolve the Vietnam War, and sought the restoration of peace and the promotion of economic stability and development throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

President Marcos gained 5,, votes or This event intensified into a protracted and vicious battle between authorities and the students who tried to storm the palace.

A fire truck was rammed into one of the Palace gates; properties were destroyed and fires were started by the rallyists. Two persons were reportedly killed and were injured. The incident and the rallies thereafter became known as the First Quarter Storm, a period of unrest marked by a series of demonstrations against the Marcos administration. It marked the first time the head of the Catholic church visited the country.

Surviving an assassination attempt upon his arrival, the Pontiff continued his Philippine visit. As opposition to President Marcos grew significantly due to corruption in the administration, the Liberal Party then saw an opportunity in the midterm elections of The Miting de Avance of the Liberal Party held at Plaza Miranda on August 21, was cut short when two bombs were hurled at the opposition candidates, killing nine people and injuring about a hundred.

The said proclamation was dated September 21, when in fact it was only put into effect on September After claiming approval of a new Constitution, the dictatorship ordered Congress padlocked. Abinales, Patricio N. Castro, Pacifico A. Manila: Foreign Service Institute, Gleeck Jr. The Third Philippine Republic Quezon City: New Day Publishers, Guillermo, Artemio R.

Historical Dictionary of the Philippines. Maryland: Scarecrow Press, Inc. Sagmit, Rosario S. Sagmit-Mendoza, Ma. The Filipino Moving Onward. Manila: Rex Bookstore, McFerson, Hazel M. Connecticut: Greenwood Press, Official Calendar of the Republic. Philippine Electoral Almanac.

Shavit, David. Weatherbee, Donald E. President Roxas takes his oath of office during the Independence Ceremony of July 4, Administering the oath is Chief Justice Manuel Moran.

Photo courtesy of the National Library of the Philippines. The negotiation will eventually collapse on August, President-elect Ramon Magsaysay tries out the presidential chair, on the invitation of President Elpidio Quirino, when Magsaysay arrived to fetch the latter on inaugural day. Taken on December 30, Champion of the Masses — President Ramon Magsaysay was warmly received by the crowd during one of his Presidential visits.

The award is presented every 31st of August—the birth anniversary of President Ramon Magsaysay. Garcia was received by the crowd during his campaign for the Presidential Elections of Garcia and Mrs. Eva Macapagal during their inauguration on December 30, Garcia, at the Independence Grandstand now Quirino Grandstand.

President Diosdado Macapagal signs the first leasehold contract in Plaridel, Bulacan in front of a crowd of tenant-farmers and landowners on July 4,

Complete List of Presidents of the Philippines – Achievements and Contributions

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Under the present Constitution of the Philippines , the president of the Philippines Filipino : Pangulo ng Pilipinas is both the head of state and the head of government , and serves as the commander-in-chief of the country's armed forces. Any person who has served as president for more than six years is barred from running for the position again. Upon an incumbent president's death, permanent disability, resignation, or removal from office, the vice president assumes the post. Prior to the presidential governance, the Philippines was governed by a succession of Spanish military generals during colonization of Spain. The military governors were appointed by the Spanish royals to govern the civil government of the archipelago. In the waning years of Spanish dominion in the Philippines, a Philippine Revolution occurred.

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List of presidents of the Philippines by previous executive experience

Since independence in and the ratification of the Philippine Constitution in the First Republic, there have been 15 presidents. Starting with General Emilio Aguinaldo all the way to current president Benigno Aquino, this article details each president's particular contributions and achievements while in office. One way to remember the first president of the Philippines First Republic is to look at the five peso coin. Emilio Aguinaldo's face used to grace the five peso bill which is not used anymore.

This is a list of the current and former Philippine Presidents by previous Executive Experience before they became President of the Philippines. Executive experience is defined as having been something to where one is the top decision maker in a company, a regional constituency, a military unit, or something alike. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The following is a list of firsts attained by various Presidents of the Philippines. Distinctions were achieved while at office unless otherwise stated. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. This article needs additional citations for verification.

List of Philippine presidential firsts

This article explains why the Philippines continues to be a weak state and that the prospects for building a stronger, sustainable state are dim under the current political system. Philippine elections are won through a mix of popularity, populism and money politics. The extraordinary power of the president and the ministers makes it possible to repay and buy the loyalty of the financial and political oligarchy by giving away jobs within the bureaucracy. A predatory political elite, whose prime goal it has been to win the coming elections and to assure that their family interests are protected and promoted further undermines the independence and meritocracy of the Philippine bureaucracy. I argue that as long as the current presidential system continues to exist in the Philippines the chances for building a strong state are slight. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. Rent this article via DeepDyve.

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Third Republic

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