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However, recently we have seen how this self-image has lost ground.

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Social Justice Theory and Practice for Social Work

The ecosystems perspective has become the most prevalent approach for understanding the relationship between person and social environment. It views the individual and larger social systems as separate but contiguous elements that transact with each other in relationships of mutual influence. This article revisions the relationship between person and social environment through the lens of critical theory. Emphasizing distinctively human characteristics, arguments define human actors as coconstructors of, not just interactors within, their social environments. The dancers and the players co-constitute the dance and the game.

Critical social work

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Abramovitz M. Social work and social reform: and arena of struggle. Abrams P. Neighbourhood Care and Social Policy. HMSO, London. Adame A.

It critiques historical and contemporary establishment social work approaches to address oppression and marginalisation and argues that only a critical approach can affect social change for human betterment. Core skills imperative to a lifelong commitment to emancipatory social work practice are developed including critical thinking, critical and structural analysis, critical reflection and the use of critical theory to inform practice. A critical social work practice framework will be developed, informed by critical theory, critical social work approaches and principles of ethical social work practice. The course emphasises innovative, disruptive and creative practice solutions built on a foundation of critical thinking and structural analysis. Students are reoriented to new and innovative critical social work practice that draws on a rich history of collective action; linking experiences of oppression with emancipatory action for social change and social justice outcomes. In addition to timetabled contact hours, students are expected to do at least 6 hours of personal study each week to review lectures and read prescribed and recommended materials for this unit. The total individual workload of this unit will be around 9 hours including teamwork, individual self-study and reading.

Critical Social Work – Considerations and Suggestions

Critical social work is the application to social work of a critical theory perspective. Critical social work seeks to address social injustices, as opposed to focusing on individualized issues. Critical theories explain social problems as arising from various forms of oppression and injustice in globalized capitalist societies and forms of neoliberal governance. This approach to social work theory is formed by a polyglot of theories from across the humanities and social sciences , borrowing from various schools of thought, including Marxism , feminism , anti-racism , social democracy , and anarchism.

Applying critical social work theory in practice

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    This article aims to review the concept of conflict theory and critical paradigms that have been influencing on social work practices and social work education.

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