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The superposition theorem states that in a linear circuit with several sources, the current and voltage for any element in the circuit is the sum of the currents and voltages produced by each source acting independently. To calculate the contribution of each source independently, all the other sources must be removed and replaced without affecting the final result.

Network Theory - Superposition Theorem

Superposition theorem states that in any linear, active, bilateral network having more than one source, the response across any element is the sum of the responses obtained from each source considered separately and all other sources are replaced by their internal resistance. The superposition theorem is used to solve the network where two or more sources are present and connected. In other words, it can be stated as if a number of voltage or current sources are acting in a linear network, the resulting current in any branch is the algebraic sum of all the currents that would be produced in it when each source acts alone while all the other independent sources are replaced by their internal resistances. Let us understand the superposition theorem with the help of an example. The circuit diagram is shown below consists of two voltage sources V 1 and V 2. First, take the source V 1 alone and short circuit the V 2 source as shown in the circuit diagram below:. Here, the value of current flowing in each branch, i.

As useful as the source conversion technique proved to be in Example 6. Thus, more general approaches are needed. One of these methods is superposition. Superposition allows the analysis of multi-source series-parallel circuits. Superposition can only be applied to networks that are linear and bilateral. Further, it cannot be used to find values for non-linear functions, such as power, directly.

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Superposition theorem is based on the concept of linearity between the response and excitation of an electrical circuit. It states that the response in a particular branch of a linear circuit when multiple independent sources are acting at the same time is equivalent to the sum of the responses due to each independent source acting at a time. In this method, we will consider only one independent source at a time. So, we have to eliminate the remaining independent sources from the circuit. We can eliminate the voltage sources by shorting their two terminals and similarly, the current sources by opening their two terminals.

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For every electrical circuit, there are two or additional independent supplies like the current, voltage, or both sources. For examining these electrical circuits , the superposition theorem is widely utilized and mostly for time-domain circuits at various frequencies. For instance, a linear DC circuit consists of one or more independent supply; we can get the supplies like voltage and current by using methods like mesh analysis and nodal analysis techniques. This means the theorem assumes that every supply in a circuit independently discovers the rate of the variable, and lastly produces the secondary variable by inserting the variables which are reasoned by the effect of every source. Even though the process of it is very difficult but still can be applied for every linear circuit. For instance, the circuit which has two or more supplies then the circuit will be separated into a number of circuits based on the statement of the superposition theorem. Here, the separated circuits can make the entire circuit seem very simple in easier methods.


The basic circuit diagram of the superposition theorem is shown below, and it is the best example of this theorem. This field can be calculated with the help of Coulomb's law. Superposition Theorem.

According to the Superposition Theorem, in any linear directional circuit having more than one independent source, the response in any one of the element is equal to algebraic sum of the response caused by individual source while rest of the sources are replaced by their internal resistances. This method helps in simplifying networks. But before you start with this lesson, you are advised to go through previous notes to help you fix your basics. Maximum power is transferred tom load impedance when load impedance is complex conjugate Source impedance. Download Notes as PDF.

The superposition theorem is a derived result of the superposition principle suited to the network analysis of electrical circuits. The superposition theorem states that for a linear system notably including the subcategory of time-invariant linear systems the response voltage or current in any branch of a bilateral linear circuit having more than one independent source equals the algebraic sum of the responses caused by each independent source acting alone, where all the other independent sources are replaced by their internal impedances. To ascertain the contribution of each individual source, all of the other sources first must be "turned off" set to zero by:.

What is a Superposition Theorem : Limitations & Its Applications

Superposition theorem is one of those strokes of genius that takes a complex subject and simplifies it in a way that makes perfect sense. Superposition, on the other hand, is obvious. Since we only have voltage sources batteries in our example circuit, we will replace every inactive source during analysis with a wire. Analyzing the circuit with only the volt battery, we obtain the following values for voltage and current:. Analyzing the circuit with only the 7-volt battery, we obtain another set of values for voltage and current:. When superimposing these values of voltage and current, we have to be very careful to consider polarity of the voltage drop and direction of the current flow , as the values have to be added algebraically. Applying these superimposed voltage figures to the circuit, the end result looks something like this:.

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states that: In a linear circuit with several sources the voltage and current responses in any branch is the algebraic sum of the voltage and current responses due to each source acting independently with all other sources replaced by their internal impedance.

Procedure of Superposition Theorem

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Superposition Theorem

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