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echo and narcissus story pdf

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This unit is about love and metamorphosis. The word metamorphosis means to change completely, or to transform. Around the year 8 CE, a Roman poet named Ovid wrote a huge collection of poems called The Metamorphoses, containing short stories that have become famous classics in Greek mythology.

Echo and Narcissus in Victorian Poetry

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Echo and Narcissus in Victorian Poetry

Echo and Narcissus is a story from Ovid's book of poetry, Metamorphoses , about a beautiful boy named Narcissus and Echo the mountain nymph, or Oread , who fell in love with him. Zeus had given Echo the task of entertaining his wife Hera with stories, in order that he might have time to slip away and philander around with other women. Hera noticed something was up she was known for her jealous and vengeful nature , and mistaking Echo as the object of Zeus's uncouth affections, she cast a spell on the unfortunate nymph - Echo would only be able to repeat the last words addressed to her and never speak her own again. Narcissus, a beautiful human youth, got separated from his hunting companions one day in some woods. Echo, being a nymph and also feeling pitiful because of her curse, had been wandering those same woods.

Echo and Narcissus

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The story of Echo and Narcissus is one of the most famous in all of classical mythology. The woman who loved him, meanwhile, has a curious name: Echo. Yet Echo has her own separate story, and was only associated with Narcissus by the Romans, rather than the original Greeks, who came up with the figures of Echo and Narcissus. Where did these stories come from?

Echo and Narcissus Summary

Narcissus statue in Naples Museum. Narcissus in Ovid's Metamorphosis Book 3. Narcissus was fathered by a river god to a nymph named Liriope. Liriope was told by a prophet that Narcissus would reach old age if he failed to recognize himself. Narcissus turned into a very beautiful young man, whom everyone loved. However, there was no one to whom Narcissus would return affection. Echo was a nymph who was destined a fate that she could only repeat the sounds and last words of others.

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Story: Echo and Narcissus