Building Customer Satisfaction Value And Retention By Kotler Pdf

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building customer satisfaction value and retention by kotler pdf

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Building Customer Satisfaction, Value and Retention

In this world of extreme competition, companies with a total focus on customer are going to be the winner. Companies must understand importance of customer satisfaction and then build process around it.

A satisfied customer will be a loyal customer. According to various research and studies it has been confirmed that consumer will purchase products, which given them maximum perceived value. This value comes from calculating the cost associated with the emotional level decision like the brand image, corporate brand, sales personnel image and functional image. This value converts to total customer cost by including purchase cost, time-energy in evaluation of product and intuitive cost.

Consumer will take decisions after considering the total cost associated with purchase, perceived and otherwise. If after the purchase product performs as expected than customer is considered satisfied. A completely satisfied customer is likely to repurchase the product and even promote the product through a word of mouth. Companies are aiming for total customer satisfaction, which can be achieved after understanding customer expectation and then delivering as per the expectation.

Companies are able to achieve this state of total customer satisfaction by incorporating good business practices. These practices are constructed around stakeholders, business process, resource and organization.

Companies need to define boundaries of relation with stakeholders as to get maximum value for every participant. To ensure maximum value, companies need to develop business processes, which understand and fulfill customer expectations. This can be achieved by aligning cross functional teams across critical processes, to create one smooth flow. Companies need to understand its core competencies and develop them, thereby successfully managing its resources.

Organizational structure, design and policies have to be suitable to facilitate the introduction of total customer satisfaction culture. Companies through creating and delivering value can develop total customer satisfaction.

Company itself can be considered as a value chain consisting of primary and secondary activities. Secondary activities consist of functional departments like technology department, procurement department, human resource and finance department.

This value created is delivered to customer through the distribution channel under the principle of supply chain management. Customers in the digital age are much more conscious and aware of their need and wants, making them a difficult lot to please. The art is not at attracting the customer, but it is at retaining the customer and creating long term relation with them. Companies usually suffer from churning effect where customers do not make the repurchase.

Companies need to work hard in identifying reasons behind this churning. Once reasons are identified separate them on the basis of manageable and non-manageable issues and then work hard at eliminating manageable issues. Companies need to develop policies and measure at retaining customers along with attracting new customers. This art of retention can be achieved through customer relationship management CRM. In CRM the task is to develop strong consumer based brand equity, which is done by converting first time buyer to repeat buyer to a client to a member to advocates and finally to partners.

During these course companies can look forward to offering financial benefits in terms of discount for frequent buyers or also by association with a social cause. Companies are in business to make the profit. Therefore, it has to identify profitable customers. Profitable customers provide a revenue stream more than the expense stream on retaining them. And this revenue stream should be higher for a company to have a competitive advantage.

More and more companies are deploying total quality management approach across the organization to build and deliver customer satisfaction. View All Articles. Similar Articles Under - Marketing Management.

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Creating Customer Value, Satisfaction, and Loyalty PART II ...

Good Explanation about Customer Satisfaction. Also include How Customer Satisfaction is cheaper to retain customers than getting new ones? In Topic 3, students would be looking at the following factors such as; What are customer value and satisfaction, and how can companies deliver them, What make a high performance business, How can companies both attract and retain customers, How can companies improve both customer and company profitability and How can companies deliver total quality? Customers are value maximizes, within the bounds of search costs and limited knowledge, mobility and income. They form an expectation of value and act on it. Whether or not the offer lives up to the value expectation affects both satisfaction and repurchase probability.

Have you found the meaning of life yet? Now, hold on before you slip into an existential spiral. Even biologists have trouble agreeing on a definition. Defining customer satisfaction is no different. One customer satisfaction definition may be different from the next one, and these definitions co-exist with multiple ways to create satisfaction, and several metrics to measure it. In fact, this definition is endorsed by the Marketing Accountability Standards Board as the standard definition of customer satisfaction.

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Building Customer Satisfaction Value And Retention In Marketing Management

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Adopts a holistic approach that examines the combined effects of satisfaction, trust and switching barriers on customer retention in a continuous purchasing setting. Argues that such an approach helps uncover hitherto neglected effects on retention and, in the process, unveils more cost effective ways of retaining customers. Drawing on this framework develops several hypotheses regarding the main and interaction effects of customer satisfaction, trust and switching barriers on retention. Contrary to some assertions in the literature, however, finds that the effect of trust on retention is weaker than that of satisfaction. Nevertheless, the interaction between trust and satisfaction also has a significant effect on retention, indicating that building both customer satisfaction and trust is a superior strategy to a focus on satisfaction alone. Qualitative evidence from the survey offers further support for this finding.

This Chapter reviews past literatures done on CRM. Its objective is to understand what past researchers had done in the subject area taking note of their achievements and limitations in the course of the research. The first part will clarify issues of relationship management as whole, describing strategic relationships, before elaborating the customer differential — CRM comprising the major role of competitive differentiation, the key concepts of satisfaction, trust and customer loyalty. The second part will elaborate models of CRM used within companies that can be implemented mostly in Microfinance industry. Thirdly, the concept of Microfinance will be highlighted. Finally the author will come up the suitable framework applicable in Cameroon MFIs. Due to rapidly changing business environments and more demanding consumers, companies have to seek new ways to achieve and retain a competitive advantage through customer intimacy and customer relationship management in a bid to develop customer retention and loyalty Kracklauer et al.

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Building Customer Satisfaction Value And Retention In Marketing Management

What Is Customer Satisfaction? Satisfaction is a persons feeling of pleasure or disappointment resulting from comparing a products perceived performance in relation to his or her expectations. How to Satisfy Customers??? Design a competitively superior value proposition aimed backed by a superior value delivery system All the experiences the customer will have in the process of obtaining the value proposition Whole cluster of benefits the company promises to deliver.

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