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list of weather instruments and their uses pdf

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A weather station is a facility, either on land or sea, with instruments and equipment for measuring atmospheric conditions to provide information for weather forecasts and to study the weather and climate. The measurements taken include temperature , atmospheric pressure , humidity , wind speed , wind direction , and precipitation amounts.

Measuring Weather with Tools

A barometer is a scientific instrument used in meteorology to measure atmospheric pressure. Pressure tendency can forecast short term changes in the weather. Numerous measurements of air pressure are used within surface weather analysis to help find surface troughs, high pressure systems and frontal boundaries. Barometers and pressure altimeters the most basic and common type of altimeter are essentially the same instrument, but used for different purposes. An altimeter is intended to be transported from place to place matching the atmospheric pressure to the corresponding altitude, while a barometer is kept stationary and measures subtle pressure changes caused by weather.

A device that measures the direction of the wind. It spins on a rod and points in the direction from which the wind blows. The part of the vane that turns into the wind is usually shaped like an arrow. The other end is wide so it will catch the smallest breeze. A light, flexible cylinder or cone mounted on a mast to show the direction and strength of the wind. Wind sock is commonly used at an airport or chemical plant.

This page provides some information about the Bureau's observation of the weather which may help you selecting the type of data you require. It briefly provides information about where you may find a Bureau weather station , what observations may have been made and why they differ between stations, and why there can be a different number of observations available within a day. Weather data are obtained from different types of observing stations around Australia, on offshore islands, and in the Antarctic. They include Bureau-staffed and cooperative observer stations, automatic weather stations, meteorological satellites and drifting ocean buoys, ships and aircraft that collect weather data. Station locations are chosen based on a range of different requirements PDF, kB and constraints, including:.

18 Types of Weather Instruments

The meteorology is the science that studies the behavior of the phenomena that occur in the atmosphere over time, so that they can foresee its evolution. And all scientific study of the atmosphere means above all collecting accurate weather data. Our senses and especially the sight and touch enable us to estimate a large number of observations. For example, we can see the amount of clouds in the sky or determine wind direction by the movement of leaves or a column of smoke. All these observations are called sensory observations.

Meteorologists use a wide variety of different instruments to measure weather conditions, but many of these instruments fall into relatively common, overarching categories. Thermometers, for instance, come in traditional liquid-in-glass forms and newer electronic forms, but both measure temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Other instruments measure aspects of weather like rainfall, pressure, humidity and wind speed. These instruments and measurements allow meteorologists to make predictions on weather conditions in the near future. Thermometers measure the high and low outdoor temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius.

Most thermometers are closed glass tubes containing liquids such as alcohol or mercury. When air around the tube heats the liquid, the liquid expands and moves up the tube. A scale then shows what the actual temperature is. It tells you whether or not the pressure is rising or falling. A rising barometer means sunny and dry conditions, while a falling barometer means stormy and wet conditions.

Weather Instruments & Their Uses

There are various kinds of tools for measuring parameters that are different. As an instance, blood pressure is measured by the barometer, again the warmth will be measured by a thermometer, etc. Thermometer We feel sexy chilly. This happens because of the temperature change.

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