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measuring brand equity across products and markets pdf

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Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. Aaker, D. California Management Review, 38, Our findings provide improved response measures and guidance for market entry strategies of established and novel food brands. A remote metropolitan area Novosibirsk was chosen as quasi-laboratory setting to simulate the market introduction of alternative fast food brands.

Measuring Brand Equity Across Products and Markets.

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Many practitioners and researchers believe that differences exist between service and product markets, which warrant different marketing practices. The branding literature, however, remains biased towards products. This is especially true in the realm of brand equity. Brand equity, however, like many of the branding concepts, has an equally important role in the service markets. For this reason, this study applied ten existing consumer based measures of brand equity to a financial services market credit cards. The convergent and predictive validity of these measures was assessed, which in turn helped to determine whether these measures that have typically been applied in product markets can be used to capture brand equity in a service market.

Measuring Brand Equity Across Products and Markets

The analytical tool used was Multiple Regression. The results showed that there were positive influences among brand association, brand loyalty, brand awareness, brand image, and country-of-origin image on brand equity. Measuring brand equity across products and markets. California Management Review, 38 3 , Alam, W. City University Research Journal, 06 01 , 48— Baker, K.

In this article the Brand Equity Ten will be proposed as a point of depar. Measure Criteria, First the measures should refiect the construct being measured namely. Second the measures should refiect constructs that truly drive the market. Finally the measures should be applicable across brands product cate. The ten measures outlined in the balance of this article will not necessar.

This article presents managers with a framework for measuring the strength of a brand. MEASURING BRAND EQUITY ACROSS PRODUCTS AND MARKETS.

California Management Review

Handbook of Market Research pp Cite as. In this chapter, we describe an approach to estimating the total long-term impact of brand perceptions on financial performance. The approach relies on modeling the stock market reactions to changes in brand perceptions and allows estimating their total impact even with limited time-series data. The analyses show that, on average, the bulk of brand impact on financial performance is realized in the future and the contemporaneous effects reflect only a small portion of the total impact. The analyses, however, also show considerable heterogeneity across industries: while in some industries the whole impact of brand asset occurs in current period only restaurants , in other industries it occurs in future periods only high-tech.

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