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amos oz a tale of love and darkness pdf

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Oz also takes us back in time to experience years of his family's history, starting from his grandparents' lives in Odessa and Rovno, where they felt the first stirrings of Zionism amidst pogroms and persecutions. Oz' personal history is set against the backdrop of the British mandate, the UN vote to partition Palestine and create a Jewish state, the subsequent War of Independence, and Israel's ongoing struggles with its Arab neighbors.

There are few superlatives that do this memoir by Amos Oz justice, but suffice it to say that A Tale of Love and Darkness confirms him as one the truly great writers of the 20 th century. Amos Oz tells the story of his family history going back into the past as far as detailed records allow him, and brings to life characters from that past who amuse and touch the reader deeply. Foremost among these are his formidable paternal grandmother, Shlomit and his equally awe-inspiring uncle Joseph, a world-renowned academic, and his parents, especially his mother.

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Amos Oz was an Israeli author, journalist and intellectual. He also served on the faculty of literature at Ben-Gurion University. From on, he lived with his family in the southern town of Arad. Oz later studied philosophy and literature at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. After graduating, Oz was a visiting fellow at Oxford University, author-in-residence at the Hebrew University and writer-in-residence at Colorado College.

After reading his memoir, I intend to read whatever I can find. If you see a Google Drive link instead of source url, means that the file witch you will get after approval is just a summary of original book or the file has been already removed. This book is complex and works on many levels: as family history, as a history of the Consulter l'avis complet, I was pleased to learn about the great writer Amos Oz, and to learn so much about the history of the State of Israel from someone who lived through it. Until now, I have never read anything by Amos Oz. The main characters of this non fiction, cultural story are ,. A Tale of Love and Darkness.

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Since the s, when he emerged as one of the main literary voices of a new generation of Israeli writers, Amos Oz came to represent, both in his writings and in his public persona, the quintessential Sabra: the native-born Israeli. Oz was resolute and confident but also contemplative and sensitive. He became one of the main voices of Israel's peace camp, but he was also a believer in Israel's historical mission. Instead of the virile, confident Sabra, we encounter a boy whose world was shaped not only by Jerusalem of the s but also by the Jewish experience in Eastern Europe. Oz as he emerges from A Tale of Love and Darkness is no longer the proud kibbutznik holding a plow in one hand and a pen in the other but an Ashkenazi Jew who seems to be haunted by the complexes and fears that his parents and grandparents brought with them from the Diaspora. In an Israel now cosmopolitan and technologically advanced yet also more fractured, tribal, and diverse , A Tale of Love and Darkness offers a personal historical account that forgoes the grand national narrative which informed so much of Oz's earlier fiction as well as his nonfiction writing.

The book has been translated into 28 languages and over a million copies have been sold worldwide. In , a bootleg Kurdish translation was found in a bookstore in northern Iraq. Oz was reportedly delighted. The book documents much of Oz's early life, and includes a family history researched by an uncle of his father. It describes a number of events he previously hadn't communicated.

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amos oz a tale of love and darkness pdf

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