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advances in penicillium and aspergillus systematics pdf

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Advances in Penicillium and Aspergillus Systematics

Aspergillus species originating from Greece were examined by morphological and molecular criteria to explore the diversity of this genus. The morphological characters of the anamorphs and teleomorphs, and the single gene phylogenetic trees, differentiated and placed the species examined in the well-supported sections of Aenei , Aspergillus , Bispori , Candidi , Circumdati , Clavati , Cremei , Flavi , Flavipedes , Fumigati , Nidulantes , Nigri , Restricti , Terrei , Usti , and Zonati , with few uncertainties. The combined use of the three commonly employed nuclear genes ben A, rpb 2, and ITS , the IGS region, and two less often used mitochondrial gene sequences rns and cox 1 as a single unit resolved several taxonomic ambiguities. The strains examined formed seven well-supported clades within the genus Aspergillus. Altogether, the concatenated nuclear and mitochondrial sequences offer additional tools for an improved understanding of phylogenetic relationships within this genus. The genus Aspergillus is one of the most common and important genera of microfungi.

The culture characterization on four standardized media, microscopic observations and phylogenetic analyses based ITS, BenA and CaM regions indicate that it is new to science and named as Talaromyces xishaensis sp. The new species belongs to section Talaromyces , and is related to T. Benjamin, C. Mycologia — Cao, C. Emerging Infectious Diseases — Deng, Z.

Advances in Penicillium and Aspergillus Systematics Prenesi PDF

Floccaria Grev. Some members of the genus produce penicillin , a molecule that is used as an antibiotic , which kills or stops the growth of certain kinds of bacteria. Other species are used in cheesemaking. According to the Dictionary of the Fungi 10th edition, , the widespread genus contains over species. The genus was first described in the scientific literature by Johann Heinrich Friedrich Link in his work Observationes in ordines plantarum naturales ; he wrote, "Penicillium.

Aspergillus , Penicillium, and Talaromyces are among the most chemically inventive of all fungi, producing a wide array of secondary metabolites exometabolites. The three genera are holophyletic in a cladistic sense and polythetic classes in an anagenetic or functional sense, and contain , , and 88 species, respectively. New developments in classification, cladification, and nomenclature have meant that the species, series, and sections suggested are natural groups that share many extrolites, including exometabolites, exoproteins, exocarbohydrates, and exolipids in addition to morphological features. The exometabolites are biosynthesized via shikimic acid, tricarboxylic acid cycle members, nucleotides, carbohydrates or as polyketides, non-ribosomal peptides, terpenes, or mixtures of those. The gene clusters coding for these compounds contain genes for the biosynthetic building blocks, the linking of these building blocks, tailoring enzymes, resistance for own products, and exporters. Species within a series or section in Aspergillus , Penicillium, and Talaromyces have many exometabolites in common, seemingly acquired by cladogenesis, but some the gene clusters for autapomorphic exometabolites may have been acquired by horizontal gene transfer. Despite genome sequencing efforts, and the many breakthroughs these will give, it is obvious that epigenetic factors play a large role in evolution and function of chemodiversity, and better methods for characterizing the epigenome are needed.

The great pioneers in the systematics of Penicillium and Aspergillus were Charles Thom and Kenneth B. Raper, who together developed the first In Advances in Penicillium and Aspergillus Systematics, eds. A Manual of the Penicillia.

Advances in Penicillium and Aspergillus Systematics Prenesi PDF

Brazilian tropical dry forest Caatinga in the spotlight: an overview of species of Aspergillus , Penicillium and Talaromyces Eurotiales and the description of P. A literature-based checklist of species of Aspergillus , Penicillium , and Talaromyces recorded in the Brazilian tropical dry forest Caatinga , the largest tropical dry forest region in South America, is provided. A total of species 60 Aspergillus , 57 Penicillium , and 13 Talaromyces are reported. Soil was the most common substrate, with species records.

Raper, who together developed the first workable and widely accepted taxonomies of these genera. Both were instrumental also in the development of culture collections for these industrially important fungi. Raper made the invaluable contribution of developing freeze drying techniques suitable for fungi, and this has proved to be of great practical importance. However, they also left a legacy of nomenclatural and taxonomic problems which have been addressed only recently.

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