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Top 20 Beginner Sewing Questions (& Answers!)

In sewing, there are a lot of questions out there and a lot of different answers. My article is very long, so I broke it into two separate article posts. What do notches mean on a sewing pattern? Notches on a sewing pattern are marks for you to use to line up the different pieces of fabric you will need to sew together.

The notches are like puzzle pieces that go together. What side of fabric do you pin the pattern to? The side of the fabric you pin the pattern to will be noted on the instructions and layout of the pattern. Sometimes you will pin it to the wrong side of the fabric and other times to the right side.

Just follow the instructions on the pattern insert. How do you cut fabric with a pattern? You cut the fabric from a pattern with the pattern pieces. Then I cut around the pattern pieces. How to use a sewing pattern without cutting it?

You can use a sewing pattern without cutting it. By using some tracing chalk paper and a pattern wheel tool. You place the tracing chalk paper between the pattern and the fabric with the marking side against the fabric. Next, take the pattern wheel and run over the top of the pattern lines. By pressing down and using this wheel, you will transfer what you trace onto the fabric so you can the fabric and not cut the pattern pieces.

How can I teach myself to sew? I would recommend you to learn to sew by taking online classes, classes in person, or even some private lessons. I love taking new classes, and I always find something I can learn as a takeaway from almost any class even though I have been sewing for years now. What is the reverse lever on a sewing machine? The reverse lever on the sewing machine is for sewing in reverse.

By pressing the reverse lever, it will lock the stitch into place and keep it from unraveling. How do you finish a stitch on a sewing machine? Finishing a stitch is when you make sure to keep the thread from unraveling.

You will use the backstitch at the beginning of your seam and the end of your seam. By backstitching, you will lock in and essentially knot your seam thread to the fabric. What does backstitch mean? It makes the thread that you have sewn in keep from coming out. Essentially it ties a knot in the thread to keep it from unraveling from the fabric. What is backstitching in sewing? It is a stitch you use to keep the thread from unraveling from the fabric.

Backstitching is when you sew in reverse or turn the fabric around and sew back overtop of the stitching you have already sewn into place. How do I end a stitch when using a sewing machine? Some sewing Machines have a reverse lever so you can sew backward over the top of the stitches. Other sewing machines have a stay stitch that ties a knot in the thread in place for when you start sewing on fabric and when you come to the end of a seam.

How do I lock stitch on a sewing machine? Hold down the reverse lever to make the sewing machine sew backward for a couple stitches. Rotate the fabric degrees and sew over top of the already stitched in stitches about 3 or 4 stitches.

What is the actual difference between stitching and a seam? Stitching is where the thread is sewn into the fabric to create a design. The technical reasoning is a seam is sewn in to keep two pieces of fabric together. Although stitching is used as a broad term to what the sewing machine does, it creates stitches.

How do you adjust stitch length on a sewing machine? It will depend on if you have a manual or a computerized sewing machine. On the sewing machine, you will change the length of the stitch by increasing the size or lower it.

A general most common stitch length is 2. On a manual sewing machine, you will turn the stitch length knob to adjust the stitch length.

As for a computerized sewing machine, you will change the length with a button to either lower the number to create a shorter stitch length or increase the number to make a longer stitch. Why sewing machine stitches coming undone?

Another reason your stitching. Why is my thread looping underneath? The thread looping on the underneath side of the fabric is caused most of the time when the thread comes out of the take-up lever. Rethread the top thread and the bobbin thread. This will usually fix the looping issue. How do you fix a sewing machine that skips stitches? Make sure to use a new needle for each project you are sewing. By using a new needle, it will help prevent your sewing machine from skipping stitches.

Also, you can rethread your sewing machine. By doing both of these things, it should stop the sewing machine from skipping stitches. Why is my sewing machine not sewing properly? Make sure you have the right thread and needle for the project you are sewing. Most of the time this will make your sewing machine work properly. Why is my sewing machine stitches not catching? And the final thing that could be causing the machine not to create a stitch if the timing is out of alignment. How can I troubleshoot loose stitches on a sewing machine?

Troubleshoot loose stitches by making sure you have the machine threaded correctly. Rethread the entire sewing machine; top, and bobbin. Change the needle to a new needle. Check the tension setting on the sewing machine after checking the thread and changing the needle. Sometimes the tension needs to be a little tighter higher than the regular setting.

What are sewing machine programs? You can program some computerized sewing machines to sew out a series of different stitches. You will use these stitches for decorative stitching or even machine quilting. Is an industrial sewing machine the same as a household sewing machine? No, an industrial sewing machine is not the same as a household sewing machine. An industrial sewing machine is made to sew for multiple hours a day non-stop day after day where household machines are not designed to be used every day hours a day, day in and day out.

Industrial sewing machines usually have only a couple of stitch functions where a household machine has many different functions. Can you fix a broken zipper?

Most of the time you can not fix a broken zipper, but you can have a new zipper sewn into place. How is sewing important? Almost anything you use with fabric or material. These include anything from furniture to car upholstery to clothing. Sewing is a great creative outlet. What is simple sewing? Simple sewing is just basic sewing like doing a quick him on a pair of pants or fixing a seam that has come undone. I would consider simple sewing to be anything that just takes a short period to do.

What is a sewing stitch? It is a stitch that is created by hand or by the sewing machine to hold two pieces of fabric together. It can also be a decorative stitch instead of a functional utility stitch. What are the tools in dressmaking? Dressmaking tools are any sewing accessories you need to make a dress from sewing pins to a sewing machine. As a dressmaker, you can use as few tools or as many tools as you want. How to take care of sewing tools?

The is no specific rule of how to take care of sewing tools. Never to use your sewing scissors to cut paper with. So hide your sewing scissors from anyone else in the household if you want to keep them nice and sharp.

What are sewing tools defined as?

101 Sewing Questions and Answers Part 1

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Answers to sewing questions. Recent sewing questions have brought up some interesting topics Whats the difference between a lining and a facing? A lining protects and covers up the inner structure of a garment. Its usually a silky fabric so that sliding the garment off and on can be done with ease. If you have any questions that you would like to ask, just e-mail me at infoi-sewing. Please try to make your questions as straightforward as possible, so that everyone can benefit and understand what I suggest. Best wishes, Mavis Cox.


Questions About You and Your Technical Skills You've presented your background on your resume, but interviewers want to dig into it a bit more. Answer: Japan. I actually have two questions. We do not claim our questions will be asked in any interview you may have. As a sewing machine vendor told me, the modern home sewing machines which come with their inner components coated in grease comes with the label — do not oil needs a yearly maintenance at the showroom by a professional.

Sewing questions and answers

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Sewing Questions and Answers with Colleen G Lea - YouTube

The most common questions I get asked include: What sewing machine should I buy? I decided to choose the top 20 questions I am most often asked. Here you go:. Wow, I had no idea! Like Like.

When I was a beginner sewist I was so eager to take in as much knowledge as I could from the very first day. Today I want to share with you 20 of the most popular questions I get as a sewing teacher. I hope they help out in your sewing journey and please comment below with your views on them. Why a straight skirt? What material do you use to make your handmade pattern pieces?

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