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oil and gas job interview questions and answers pdf

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What is Safety?

Oil And Gas Hse Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

Page Home. Top Ads. Life Style. Oil and Gas industry deals with extracting, refining and selling crude oil. Basically the entire work in this system is also divided further into various sub sectors where the people associated with extraction are a complete different industry than the ones who are refining it and selling it.

If you are applying for a job in a company which deals with refining and selling the fuel, then here are the 20 best interview questions for oil and gas interviews:. What are the factors that determine the prices of the crude oil? What is the supreme moto behind the formation of the OPEC? It was formed the crude trade globally and also to decide prices of the oil.

What are the total different categories of crude found worldwide and how are they classified? If the API gravity is greater than 10, then the petroleum is lighter and it floats on water, else if it is lesser than 10 then it is heavier and sinks inside the water. Which stock exchange markets are responsible for deciding the crude prices globally?

What is the role of the US dollar in pricing the crude oil? Which increases the demands, hence again rises the dollar. What share of the dollar does each company earn on gas? What factors are responsible behind the fluctuation of gasoline prices? What is the proportion of ethanol content in gasoline? It gives weekly data about the supply of oil in the U.

The reports elaborate about the rising demands, prices, sales, business shares, etc. The leader is very experienced person and the company wants the other employees to follow his instructions and work as a team. Suppose you are given the chance to decide the prices of crude oil, what strategy will you use?

Suppose that day comes when there is no drop of crude left on earth, what new ways would come up with to support your company? Suggest some measures that can be taken to decrease the pollution level from gasoline. Ans: By refining it to its purest form and also minimizing the content of Lead from it.

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Oil And Gas Past Questions | Download Oil And Gas Job Interview Questions And Answers PDF 2021

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It is used pre-dominantly for automotive purpose as the energy requirement for running a car for km can be packed in a container of size, which can fit in to the luggage compartment or boot space when pressurized gas volume reduces by nearly times. There are few instances of CNG being used for industrial purposes for shipping desired quantities through cylinder cascades. However in such cases pressure reduction at the end use is inevitable. There will be high degree of economy in transportation logistics due to large scale of operations involved. But over time uses for natural gas, and the infrastructure to capture and transport it, were developed, allowing natural gas to become an increasingly important fuel source for residential and commercial cooking and heating, power plants, and industrial processes. By the mid-twentieth century, a strong domestic natural gas industry had developed in the United States, producing gas from large consolidated underground reserves independent from crude oil production.

All Rights Reserved. Xfire is a graduate of one of the notable public universities in Nigeria, with working experience in the FMCG and petroleum industry. He currently works as an engineer in a multinational oil company in Nigeria. In furtherance of my current focus on the oil and gas industry in Nigeria, I will like to treat common questions I am often asked on job and career in the industry. Many people, even those that are gainfully employed often want to know what options are available for them in the oil industry with their qualifications and experience. Others are eager to know in greater detail what my experience has been so far in the industry. I will answer the common or similar questions I am asked almost on a daily basis.

Prepare for Oil and Gas Interview Questions Answers: Study about CNG, LNG, Natural Gas, Sour Gas, Sweat Gas, Rich Gas, Shale Gas, Hydrostatic Testing.

131 oil and gas accountant interview questions and answers pdf ebook

The Oil and Gas interview questions is a compilation of past questions conducted by oil and gas industries in Nigeria. This material has been compiled from different years since the oil and gas industry began interview. The material contains past questions which will help you while preparing for your interview examination. Download Oil And Gas Job Interview Questions And Answers here … Individuals who have applied for recruitment exercises of various oil and gas companies in Nigeria are all advised to get the Oil and Gas past questions and answers here.

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Oil and Gas Interview Questions Answers

Download Energy Oil Gas Interview Questions & Answers PDF:

There are about different types of Oil found worldwide. The different categories of Oil found worldwide is classified into different types of crude oil like Brent, Dubai Crude, West Texas, Intermediate, etc. Classification is done according to their sulphur content.

They found that only 2 in 5 employees felt comfortable reporting unsafe behavior. The observation study also showed that the average employee performs three unsafe acts per week. The oil and gas industry has incredibly stringent safety regulations and Company ABC must make sure that they are hiring someone who honors their commitment to safety. Talk to the interviewer about the steps you would take if you witnessed unsafe behavior in the field. If you have personally seen some dangerous behavior, discuss the specifics. This overexertion is common in the field because people focus on getting the job done as soon as possible.

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Top 20 Oil and Gas Interview Questions & Answers

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    1) What are the different categories of Oil found worldwide? Top 20 Oil & Gas Interview Questions & Answers Download PDF. You Might Like: Central Govt Jobs (Latest) Notifications & Alerts Top 23 Petroleum Engineer.