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arrangement and description of archival materials pdf

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Arrangement and description are the critical means by which archivists administer and control their holdings. Archivists view arrangement and description as an ongoing process, a series of linked activities that start with the decision to acquire materials. During accessioning, archivists establish an initial set of internal information systems, which sets the basis for this ongoing process.

Archives and Records Management Resources

For more information including links to the finding aids for the project collections, see Uncovering Hidden Audiovisual Media. Since the original guidelines were shared in , there have been updates to standards and tools on many fronts — at the archives, the Smithsonian Institution, and in the wider profession — compelling the revisions in the current document. Additional changes to practices in each stage of the processing workflow are found throughout this document. Further updates to the description guidelines are anticipated when EAD3 is adopted at the Smithsonian Institution. The guidelines were written to help archivists with arrangement and description of archival collections containing sound recordings and moving image materials in obsolete analog formats.

Archives and Records Management Resources

Throughout history, attempts were made to record culture by people who saw the importance of preserving the knowledge and documents of their own civilization. Preserving for posterity: that desire to chronicle the essence of collective creation, craftsmanship, and enterprise found in the daily struggle to survive on this planet. The degree and nature of this activity varied as did the civilizations, and ranged from simple prehistoric cave paintings to more sophisticated systems evidenced on ancient cuneiform tablets of the Sumerians. Many of those records were found in the ruins of the ancient Mycenaean palace at Pylos and they, like a voice from the past, transmitted a great deal of information about their culture. For instance, the tablets were inscribed with legal records and business inventories, and contained inventories of human chattels, or slaves. Of course, a lot has changed since those ancient people walked the earth, but there is still a need and a desire to create and manage good record keeping systems, especially for governments. The National Archives of Canada contains records from as far back as the s, and by law, controls when and if governmental and ministerial records are destroyed National Archives Website.

Sarah Welland, , "Organising archival records: A practical method of arrangement and description for small archives 3rd ed. Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Report bugs here. Please share your general feedback. You can join in the discussion by joining the community or logging in here. You can also find out more about Emerald Engage.

description, and strategies for digital materials. This volume complements. Kathleen D. Roe's Arranging and Describing Archives and Manuscripts (SAA, ).

Archival processing

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Search Titles Subjects Organizations Collage. Access to Archival Records. A Review of Current Issues. RAMP therefore includes projects, studies and other activities intended:. RAMP activities concentrate on infrastructure development, development of strategies for archival training, assistance in the development of standard setting instruments, protection of the archival heritage, promotion of the development and application of modern information technologies and research in archival theory and practice.

Archives are already arranged -- supposedly. That is to say, an arrangement was given them by the agency of origin while it built them up day after day, year after year, as a systematic record of its activities and as part of its operations. This arrangement the archivist is expected to respect and maintain. Arrangement is built into archives; it is one of the inherent characteristics of "archives," differentiating them from nonarchival material. Theoretically in the archives of an agency of government, or of any organization -- and therefore in the archival depository that has custody of such archives -- each document has its place, a natural place, so that its association and relation with all other documents produced or received by the creating agency remain clear.

Archival processing

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Archival Arrangement: Ensuring Access to Materials

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About Arrangement and Description. We arrange and describe collections to both preserve materials for future use, and to make materials.

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    most fundamental activities of the profession—arrangement and description of. archival materials. Because this set of activities is also the one.

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    We arrange and describe collections to both preserve materials for future use, and to make materials accessible to researchers.

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    Standards for Archival Description of archival materials and how these shape practice, the gathering and analysis of The organization and arrangement of records This summarizing approach is embodied in manual and elec-.

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    Archival processing is the act of surveying, arranging, describing, and performing basic preservation activities on the recorded material of an individual, family, or organization after they are permanently transferred to an archive.