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cat data interpretation questions and answers pdf

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Data Interpretation has many types of question formats, we have to sense the data and answer the questions. Year:

Data Interpretation for CAT questions PDF

Exam Date: 29th Nov This is the calculation intensive portion of the section. It consists of a myriad of graphs, charts and tables from which you will have to glean and analyze data. However, the question which often strikes Aspirants is Why you are tested in Data Interpretation? The key to cracking this area is to quickly identify the key pieces of data that you will require to work on the questions asked.

It is not unknown for question-setters of the CAT to try and bewilder students with a large amount of data, most of it unnecessary. On the other hand, several seemingly innocuous questions may trip you up. Another interesting feature of DI that you as a student can use to your advantage is that, usually, not all questions in a set are of equal difficulty. Y etc. Most of these questions can be solved without calculation but by close inspection of the data presented.

There are other similarly easy questions in most sets, and you should practice identifying the level of difficulty of questions so you know immediately which ones to attempt and which to avoid. There is no rule that states that you need to attempt all questions in a set, so it is a perfectly valid strategy to attempt selected questions across your DI section, without perhaps completely attempting even a single set.

These contain several graph and chart type questions, most of which are near CAT level. You can utilize these questions in the initial source of preparation to practice reading data off charts and tables, and then gradually move on to tougher questions from CAT preparation material. GRE software comes with the added advantage of an inbuilt timer that keeps you on your toes. This is the third portion of the section, and quite a few DS questions were asked in the last CAT paper.

Data Sufficiency problems usually take the form of a logical puzzle, and are in the form of a question followed by two statements.

You need to answer whether you can solve the problem using the statements individually, or using both, or whether you cannot solve the problem using the information provided. The key to answering such problems is to pretend like one statement does not exist, try solving the problem, and then pretend like the other statement does not exist and try solving the problem again. These problems are generally tricky, and I would recommend lots of practice and perhaps solving them near the end of your section, after you have solved the other problems.

Although recent CATs have had question sets, be prepared for question sets as well. DS questions have never appeared in sets. Both of these things can be achieved with the help of practice.

Observation based questions: These questions require simple and careful observation of the data. Interpretation and Calculation IC based questions: These questions require basic analysis and calculation with data. Explorative questions: These questions will pose a hypothetical scenario, and may expect you to use, observation, interpretation and calculation.

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Improving your calculations is the first step to improve your Data Interpretation. You need to work on both accuracy and speed to improve this section. Speed can be increased by practicing regularly. Vedic mathematics can also help you to increase you speed. It is not necessary to follow Vedic mathematics if you are not comfortable with it.

In the starting it would take some time to do calculations in mind, but slowly and gradually you will see a mark difference in your speed. Solve different type of case lets instead of sticking to one type. Develop your skills to solve different case lets. Data interpretation is not a subject to be learned instantly. It improves with practice. Interpretation of data is a process. Regular practice can do wonders in your speed as well as analyzing case lets.

Do not start solving any set immediately, but read all the sets first and then make a call on which set is more structured and has lesser variables in terms of conditions that can be put in a structured table or a format easily. Make a good choice across the sections and, having decided that, give all the time to that set only. There are going to be hurdles but that does not mean you leave the set and move on to another set, as you have already taken a decision and invested a lot of precious time in that set.

Hence you should make a sensible choice in picking up the right set and doing the right thing before investing any time in a particular set or just jumping from one set to another. Moving from set to set will exhaust you and kill your time. But then even if you spend eight minutes in working out the entire set and the set is very clear, you can solve it immediately.

Spend time on selection of the right set. Familiarity: The difficulty level amongst sets can be gauged in order to select the easier one.

For example, you have three sets. One question talks about four people playing four different games and a few conditions follow. You can still plan it in a tabular form. The second question talks about an entirely new card game.

The moment we talk about a game, the advantage is to the exam setter — he can frame any rules he wants to. Pick up the one with which you have familiarity and try avoiding unseen situations. Conditions: Very few conditions mean ambiguity and you have to work out lots of possibilities. On the other hand too many conditions, say 10 to 12, mean reading a lot.

Or you read the set and every question has a new condition that virtually demands redoing the entire arrangement because it adds a new condition. Or else there is a set with four straight conditions — for example which boys sits on the right, or left etc. These are deterministic conditions. You can just work on the arrangement and answer the questions. The more standard a puzzle the more you can come up with the schemes to represent data.

Each question with new condition means doing everything with a new condition. You can also monitor whether the set you have selected is right and till what level or time you should spend time on that particular set. Reasoning: Do not make a guess on selecting a set and taking a plunge that the set is going to be easy without any reason.

There should be a rationale behind selecting a set. One of the biggest problem areas is that students move in a sequential way in the exam pressure type of situation. DI in most of the cases is attempted last and by that time all your strategy and time scheme plans have gone for a toss. Before trying you should have a clear idea about how to go about it.

Sequence of selection: There is no suggested plan of which section should be attempted first and which should be attempted last. They should be attempted at your own competence level. Start with the easier section to score a few points and feel better, follow it up with the section, which you find the most difficult and then move on to the next section. Day-to-day preparation. For preparing for traditional DI, pick up any newspaper or business magazine.

Some graphs are usually given and the data is captured in those graphs. So you should do some mental calculations based on that data. For example, while watching a cricket match, calculate the run rate before it is flashed. We go to a petrol station and hardly check the right amount supplied — calculate the prices and the quantity wherever you go.

Such regular mental calculations would start building up the base and looking at different forms of graphs will build in understanding of the DI. This is not to say that logic cannot be developed but the fact is that only looking out for the solution in the puzzles will not work. If you are working on the puzzles, you should spend time with the puzzle rather than looking for solution. Cannot be determined.

The longest run for the train between the two successive halts is. With the run is of km, the longest run is between New Delhi - Kanpur Central. The average speed that the train maintained between two successive stations was the highest between.

The average speed of The average speed that the train maintained between New Delhi and Bhubaneswar was nearly equal to. If we consider a journey that begins in New Delhi and ends in Bhubaneswar, the train has the longest halt at. The train has the longest halt of 15 minutes at Kharagpur JN. The train begins its return journey from Bhubaneswar to New Delhi Seventeen hours after it has arrived at Bhubaneswar.

Assume that on the return journey that train maintains the same average speed as on the onward journey. The following pie-chart shows the percentage distribution of the expenditure incurred in publishing a book. Study the pie-chart and the answer the questions based on it.

If the marked price of the book is Rs. P Let the cost of paper for a single book be Rs. Let the S. Study the following table and answer the questions based on it. Study the following bar chart and answer the questions carefully. Sales Turnover of 5 Companies in Rs. Answer: Option A Explanation: Absolute value of the difference between the sum of the turnover of the five companies for - and — Answer: Option C Explanation: Hyundai with

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Many of these questions have been inspired by past year CAT questions. Questions come with detailed explanations, with video solutions from Rajesh, our Director, and slideshows. Note: These are not mere exercise problems. Solving them can be very valuable, both for exposure to different question patterns, and for learning different concepts from the explanations. What is availabe in CAT Questions?

DI Data Interpretation section consists of around 16 Questions from 4 sets. Each set will have 3 to 5 questions. Sometimes the data from one questions will be asked to use for the next question. The majority of the questions will be based on Tables and Chart diagrams. Many times 2 or 3 table will be given covering data over year or segments and we need to analyse the given tables and figure the relationship between each diagram. The tables will be of line charts, bar graphs, pie charts sometimes with a missing data in them. This questions and answers will be useful to understand the level of difficulty, various techniques to apply and best approach to solve CAT DI questions.

Data Interpretation for CAT questions with solutions. DI important PDF for CAT exam. CAT data interpretation tips and techniques with solved.

logical reasoning and data interpretation for the cat pdf

D ata Interpretation or Data Analysis, as the name suggests, is all about data. Looking at life scientifically, we can say that life is all about DATA. It is all around us, almost everything is accompanied with data. From sales reports to trends to budget planning to almost every single operation, some calculations or the other are required.

Rate Us. The fifth edition covers all the fundamental and advanced topics, supported by ample number of worked out examples, caselets, and exercises. ISBN The overall exam is generally of higher difficulty, and the CAT DILR section is one of the sections that a lot of candidates have difficulty attempting.

Data Interpretation Questions and Answers

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The crux of the matter is to find a relationship between the two tables or graphs before attempting the questions. Here we will learn about data interpretation with the help of many important techniques and examples. Practice online quiz, fully solved examples with detailed answers.

Exam Date: 29th Nov This is the calculation intensive portion of the section. It consists of a myriad of graphs, charts and tables from which you will have to glean and analyze data.

Data Interpretation And Logical Reasoning For The Cat … If you do not find the exact resolution you are looking for, then go for a native or higher resolution. Maths Shortcuts. Data Sufficiency problems usually take the form of a logical puzzle, and are in the form of a question followed by two statements. Download books for free. Providing balanced coverage of both Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning, this book also includes invaluable methods and hints that will fine-tune the interpretative and problem-solving skills of readers.

This is the Data Interpretation Questions and Answers section on " Pie Charts Pie Chart 5 " with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. What is the ratio of the number of females in T. AC Team 2-February 19, Who will keep on practicing this Pie Chart Data Interpretation Quiz, it helps in increase in the problem-solving capacity. Ratio of populations of U.

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