Countable And Uncountable Nouns Test Pdf

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countable and uncountable nouns test pdf

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Would you like me to add some more milk to your hot chocolate? English grammar lesson on-line for elementary level students - An explanation of the use of countable and uncountable nouns with printable exercises.

Countable and Uncountable Nouns Grammar Quiz

A variety of fun activity worksheets to learn and practise English nouns. They are full of picture clues that make it easier and more fun to learn. Each worksheet comes with the answer key. Food Wordsearch. This worksheet contains a simple wordsearch for learning uncountable nouns food and drink. Containers Wordsearch. This worksheet contains a wordsearch to learn countable nouns food and drink containers.

A Countable Nouns i. Countable nouns are nouns that we can count. They can be singular or plural. I have a boiled egg for breakfast. I bought three story books yesterday.

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Countable - uncountable nouns: worksheets pdf, handouts to print, printable exercises, resources.

Countable / uncountable

Find the food and drinks and write them in the boxes. Russo One Iliketravel, but it'soften … Their usage in sentences is different. Neucha 13 Homework uncountable 9. Read and find.

I don't like black coffee. I usually have it with. The receptionist at the front desk gave me two. My cousin is very beautiful. She has green eyes and.


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Daisy needs. new phone. Grammar videos: Countable and uncountable nouns – exercises. Watch the video and read the conversation between. Sophie and.

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Business grammar exercise: much, many with uncountable, countable nouns

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    In English grammar, words that refer to people, places, or things are called nouns.

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    Before doing the exercises you may want to read the lesson on countable and uncountable nouns.