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Kristina Yankova addresses the question of what role professional skepticism plays in the context of cognitive biases the so-called information order effects in auditor judgment. Professional skepticism is a fundamental concept in auditing. Despite its immense importance to audit practice and the voluminous literature on this issue, professional skepticism is a topic which still involves more questions than answers. The work provides important theoretical and empirical insights into the behavioral implications of professional skepticism in auditing.

A moment later the youth saw the general bounce excitedly in his saddle. One gray dawn, however, he was kicked in the leg by the tall soldier, and then, before he was entirely awake, he found himself running down a wood road in the midst of men who were panting from the first effects of speed. His can teen banged rhythmically upon his thigh, and his haversack bobbed softly. Then I'll send Wilson t' take keer 'a yeh.

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Mary B. Curtis, Lawrence Chui, Robert J. Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting 1 September ; 17 2 : —

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