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2014 CNMI Library Council


Mark Rabauliman

Mark Rabauliman holds the unique title of Registrar of Corporations for the Office of the Registrar section in the CNMI Department of Commerce. In this capacity Mark registers and licenses all Domestic, Foreign, Limited Liability and Non Profit Corporations plus Partnerships both general and limited for the entire CNMI. Mark's office holds as custodian all certificates, papers, statements, or other records of documents required for corporate entities. Mark is also a member of the Department of Commerce grants team, energy marshal, foreign investors review committee, and a junior achievement mentor for Saipan Southern High School students. Mark is also responsible for the maintenance of the department website, setting policy and procedures for the department's acceptable use of it's computers and internet. CNMI Governor Benigno Fitial recently appointed Mark to serve on the Commonwealth Council for Arts and Culture, and the Commonwealth Library Board of Directors respectively on a voluntary basis. Mark completed his Associate Arts Degree from Walla Walla Community College and studied Management Information Systems in Business Administration at Washington State University.


Soledad Tenorio

Soledad Tenorio, granddaughter of the late Jose C. Tenorio, one of the founders of the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library, is happy to give back to the community in serving on the board of the CNMI's only public library. Working for the Joeten group of companies, Soledad currently Manages All Star Sporting Goods & Boarderline, overseeing the day to day operations, buying merchandise, and advertising. Keeping up with the ever changing world of retail, Soledad also balances work and family in raising two young sons, as well as living a active and healthy lifestyle. Being on an island were obesity and diabetes numbers are growing, Soledad believes it's about time for the community to learn more about living a healthy and active lifestyle by getting the whole family involved. Through our resources offered at JKPL parents and children can take advantage of the internet and books that can teach and influence everyone to lean  towards a healthier and happier life, through outdoor activities and healthier eating habits. Being a member of  Saipan's first and only Crossfit gym- Getfit CNMI Saipan; Soledad believes at any age you can push yourself to  challenge your body to new workouts and activities you've never tried before. It doesn't matter how old or young you are, being healthy and active is a lifestyle and needs to be constantly worked on and maintained through various workouts and eating habits.


Frank C. Villagomez



Rufin B. Inos